Week 72 - White Rose Abbey

So they decided to take a different tack. Ordering their armies to stay where they were, the party headed out to White Rose Abbey – to further investigate tales that Pitax was building a Horne of Cloude Kille. They took horses, and apart from a brush with a couple of bears, made it to the abbey without incident.

Hebrin scouted and discovered three clusters of buildings - two on the perimeter and one on the hill top. The first group they investigated was a disused guest house complete with wagon house and stables. It was partly derelict and in a bad state of repair.

Next they headed around the perimeter, to investigate the second cluster. Most of the building here had all but collapsed - however they revealed a tunnel into the hill side. They explored the tunnel gingerly, and found a number of side tunnels that had clearly been used for storage, before they came to a large chamber with a large crescent shaped pond, strange moving ‘stars’ on the ceiling, a second smaller pond filled with glowing blue water, and some huge wine casks. They crossed a rickety bridge gingerly, checked out the crescent shaped pond.

They were working out the constellations the stars were making and investigating the barrels - they had just about decided one was different when the howling started. It rose to a crescendo and a small, ghostly figure rose out of the glowing blue pond. Way above his head the ‘stars’ started to circle him. Cassandra asked who he was – and she suddenly found herself on the receiving end of an acidic ray. Battle started in earnest – it went back and forth until the apparition was finally slain. At which point the will-o-wisps (the stars) winked out and disappeared.

Investigation then revealed that the different cask had a secret door - which opened to reveal a Halfling sized hidey hole, complete with a meta-magic rod (quicken) and a beautiful, but mysterious, water clock. The water clock went straight into Rudy’s bag of holding while Cassandra took ownership of the rod.

Then up the hill to the Abbey itself. They had only just got into the main hall of the Abbey when they were ambushed by Getane (the were rat) and a bunch of Lord Irovetti’s crack troops. Again it was a hard fought battle and the party won their way through. Now they wait to explore the rest of the chapel they are in, and then the rest of the Abbey.

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