Week 71 - Playing with Armies

Robert, Larran and Ox stayed with the army, overseeing its reorganisation and healing. While Larran and Ox oversaw redeployment and movement back to a defensive position, Robert concentrated on healing up the injured troops. It is surprising how many injured soldiers you can get inside a 30 foot radius area when a high level cleric is channelling positive energy!

In the meantime, Cassandra teleported herself, Hebrin and Rudy out to the site of the Pitax Tournament - where they knew they would only be few hours walking from the mysterious Catspaw Raiders. One of the Pitaxian reserve armies they hadn’t been able to find out much about. They discovered that there was a standard ring of sentries around the camp, and them more groups hidden in a second and third ring further out. This probably explained why they kept losing scouts in that area. However, this small group managed to sneak their way around the camp, until they were upwind, and then they repeated their trick of releasing a pair of cloud-kill spells to roll on through the enemy army.

Then it was a quick teleport back to the site of their own army to recuperate. However, their sleep was disturbed in the early hours of the morning by loud shouting. The enemy had learned, and used the same technique against the Newhaven army. They were four cloud-kills working through the camp - but soldiers were being roused and moved away from the line of attack. Cassandra and Rudy used spells – see invisible, invisibility and Overland flight to try and get themselves in a position to see who had started the attack. However, as they rose above the camp-line, they were hit by a fireball spell, so it appears the attackers had taken the plan a bit further. They dropped back to ground level, but the attackers themselves rose up in the air, perhaps levitating, and cast another two fireballs, before teleporting away. Rudy managed to recognise on of the attackers as Imeckus Stroon, brother of the deposed Baroness Stroon-Drelev, and a known resident of Pitax.

Next day the army withdrew slightly and they used the Lyre of Building to construct a military camp surrounded by a ditch and rampart system. Now they had a fixed location that would, hopefully, allow them to dominate the surrounding area.

In the meantime, Cassandra, Rudy and Larran rode out to negotiate with the mastodon riding giants. The negotiations were going well. Or at least the giants were talking and not beating on them - but things seemed to grind towards a halt and the giants Chieftain was getting bored. Rudy resorted to playing them dance music on his bagpipes, while Cassandra used a prestidigitation spell to juggle balls of light. However, eventually the Chief got bored and took a swing at Rudy with his massive club.

Larran ran into battle, and caught a fully blooded swing from the club as well - and it did enough damage to make him realise that this was probably not a good idea. Cassandra moved back, and next round both Larran and Rudy joined her, so they could teleport away. However, it did, perhaps, help to remind them that they are still mortal.

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