Week 70 - Change of Plan

The party had just cleared the corridor of Pitax troops, and started to explore. There were two double doors on the right side and a large staircase leading upwards. After consulting their map, they decided that the stairs lead up to the arena area.

The first door was barred from their side, and, after lkistening carefully, they decided that porobbaly meant there were animals in there. So they approached the second door. That was not locked or barred, and peeking through showed the room infront of then was normal, but opened up into a large circular area to the lerft - perhaps immediately under the arena on their map. And that circular area was covered in Ice.

Robert stepped into the room for a better look and saw the massive centipede like creature hiding around the corner. However, as soon as it saw Robert, it charged at him, and tried to eat him. Robert withdrew to the corridoor and they set up a defensive line at the door.

It was a terrible battle. The melee fighters were too close for Cassadra to use her favourite damage spells and the creature had started to burn, damaging the weapons of those who hit it physically. And then it swallowed Ox, whole! The battle raged on, Cassandra dimensioned doored into the room with it - and was abee to use a wider range of spells.

They had started to win, when something dislodged the bar holding the other door closed. Hebrin looked by the invisible fiorce eluded him Not so the two Smilodons who were in that room. They advanced into combat, and Hebrin fled behind the other fighters.

Fortunately Larran and Rudy dispatched the Remorhaz, and then stepped up to deal with the Sabre Toothed Tigers while Cassandra and Robert cut Ox out of the Remorhaz's belly.

Then it was Teleports back to Rulers' Roost in Horcroft for a Raise Dead spells, restoration and some basic recuperation, before they moved onto to Port Slough.

The army had already arrived and headed south to challenge the Barbarians. It took a while to catch up, but they were ther in time for the combat. Having the rulers there swung things very much in their favour, and the Barbarians were beaten handily. However, they still lost people in the battle, and it would have been a closer run thing if the army had fought alone.

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