Week 67 - Littletown

Back at Wyvernstone Bridge they found their army fully arrayed around the village and the bridge, and Keston was certain that no one would be able to take either without a fight.

There was unexpected support as well. First there was a hospitaller group from the temple of Iomedae in New Stetven - there weren’t all that many of them, it is true, but they are trained to relive battlefield wounds. Then there was a group of young nobles from Restov (sword lords all of them) chafing at the bit to get into action. However, they are lead by a half-elf called Si Aldori, the son of Lady Jamandi Aldori, First Sword Lord – and apparently his mother isn’t please that he is involved. They are staying in the Tavern at Wyvernstone Bridge, and have turned it into a bit of a party place, much to Prior Stephan’s displeasure.

A bit more scrying by Robert discovered that Irovetti was in his palace, and having a very good time with a very good looking young lady. Embarrassed by the scene, Robert gave a very, very clear description of the room and its decoration - but didn’t manage to get a good look at the woman, Irovetti or their activities. Or at least he went bright red and claimed not to be watching them. The only other thing they discovered was that the Gnome drug baron was alive and plotting their downfall. They discovered him meeting with several of his men, spreading word of a reward for information on the party members.

They left Prior Stephan behind, with a few hundred men (reserves and marines) to guard the bridge and the town and sent the bulk of the army south towards Port Slough. Then they teleported to Port Slough to set things up there. There were a bit surprised to find the mercenaries from Mivon had arrived already - but then they had made contact through a shipping company and arranged the transport at the same time. The plan was for the army to form here and then march on the barbarian hordes.

Then there was a message, sent by a tired looking fox, from Ilora Nuski – the ex-leader of the River Razors they had been trying to contact. It offered help, but asked that they should meet here in Littletown – a village on the far side of Pitax. So they teleported into the Temple of Desna in Pitax, intending to stay the night - but were chased out by the old priest who was irritated by the way they were using his God’s House (the temple) as a sort of bus stop.

They nearly got away with it, but they hung around outside too long, and drew attention to themselves, before they dimension doored to the beach and set off up river in the folding boat. There was a short flurry of arrows from the shore, one of which caught Cassandra. It was poisoned, of course, and she feel into a deep comatose slumber – until Robert resolved the issue with a Neutralise Poison spell.

They headed up stream into the darkening night - which might have been one of the reasons that no one followed them. However, there was an unexpectedly difficult section of the river - and they had to pull over and camp for the night. Next day, in day light, Rudy and Hebrin were able to spot the navigable channel and they continued on to Littletown. They stopped a bit down stream and walked in - and (fortunately) Robert spotted the Wyvern flying above the town …

The town was destroyed, buildings wrecked, roofs off, nothing alive – a ghost town. Except for the loud screeching in draconic, telling that there was “food in the main street”. Then there was another battle with a couple of Wyverns. Cassandra got poisoned again - and suffered badly from it. Even a Neut Poison from Robert didn’t help much, although an Anti-Toxin did slow the poisons effects for a while.

Those two defeated, Robert discovered Ilora fighting a Wyvern of her own - and his flame strike finished that one fairly quickly. Ilora turned out to be a mine of information.

She made it clear that she thought Irovetti had traded the village for support from the Wyverns. She pointed out the remains of people eaten by large mouths, And all the livestock gone the same way. How else would Irovetti get the support of a flight of Wyverns?

She also told them a bit about Gaetane – the assassin tasked with creating the Horne of the Killing Cloude. He is a were-rat and she had seen him heading North, probably towards Whiterose Abbey, in the company of a few Pitaxian soldiers.

But best of all, she had a map of the palace …. And the party had already been talking about a raid on the palace to hunt down and kill Irovetti.

Now they are camped a short distance outside Littletown, as they plan their next moves.

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