Week 65 - Preparing for War

Intelligence reports indicated that Pitax still had considerable forces. The army that had been routed was reforming, slowly, on the plains north-west of Pitax. There was a massive army of Tiger Lord Barbarians mustered to the north of the city, a smaller army of Mammoth riding giants, and another army to the east, but it was unclear who they were.

Asmeranda, the missing Diva, is understood to be held captive somewhere in some well appointed apartments. Ilora, the potential ally, is camped somewhere away from the city by a river. Gaetane, Irovetti's captain with links to the underworld - who is tasked with creating ‘The Horne of the Killing Cloude’ - is believed to have left the city going north. But his whereabouts isn't known.

After analysis the group decided that they needed re-enforcements. There was a small army gathered at Port Slough and a larger army gathering at Wyvernstone Bridge, but they were not sure they could match the forces that Pitax could raise. So they decided to hire some Mivonese mercenaries. While they had not had ant serious dealings with the Aldori sword lords, Charles had been developing contacts with the Vysult Shipping group and Robert had a contact there. They had stayed in am inn there previously so Cassandra had a location she knew, and they teleported in. Only to scare the girl who was cleaning the room. After a brief conversation with the Inn’s owner and paying an inflated price for using the room for a few minutes, they were free to go about there business.

Vysult Shipping gave them an introduction to House Zeydor – one of the middling Aldori Houses who are followers of the Dawnflower (Sarenrae NG) who conducted a negotiation. They needed to call on their subsidiary houses (Orshy & Ruchaet) for the number of mercenaries the group wanted, and agreed a price of 7bp per month from the cities resources. However, they also offered a lower price for the right to build their own town as part of Newhaven and a seat on the general council. After a quick discussion it was agreed on 5bp a month and title to a single hex on the southern border of Newhaven to be claimed by Newhaven forces and handed over to Zedorian control. Soon five units of Mivon Mercenaries were aboard the ships of the Vysulty, heading towards Port Slough.

The second part of the plan was to weaken Irovetti and his allies in Pitax – and the only target they felt they had identified was the drug dealing underworld run from The Rose Tower on the Devil’s Tusks in Pitax. They knew they were drug dealers and thieves, and they also knew there was a link to Gaetane (the man tasked with creating the Horne of the Killing Cloude) and they believed that Irovetti was getting funding from them as well. So it was back to the room Cassandra had rented in Pitax. Again, there were a few questions arising out of the string of men suddenly leaving Cassandra’s room (they had booked three rooms, but all six of them went). It was a bit embarrassing, but quickly resolved by forking out a few more coins to hire extra rooms, but Cassandra decided it was time to rent somewhere more permanent as a ‘teleport point’ in places they didn't already own property.

They had a quick visit to the temple of Desna, and finished up making a serried of donations to the poor box as they spoke to the priest there - but they didn't learn all that much the was new. Except that the priest was concerned about fishermen, dockworkers and slatterns. Then it was on to ‘case’ the drug dealers at the Rose Tower, so Rudy and Hebrin went for a walk that took them past the tower and then back along the other side. They saw that it was little more than a shell with buildings inside, there was a gap in the wall used as an entrance. About half of an upper floor remained, which was strong enough to support another building at that level. The walls on the far side were higher, and there were a couple of guards up there, just sitting casually on the edge of the wall. There were a number of other people inside the broken tower.

So they decided to dimension door to a location just outside the building on the upper floor – and it nearly worked. Rudy, who had seen exactly where he wanted to go, got it right with his attack group. Cassandra, who was relying on a description, got it almost right – and came out in about the right place but on the lower floor. Meaning the party had been split – Rudy, Hebrin and Ox were on the upper level while Cassandra, Larran and Robert were on the lower level.

Battle raged all around, missiles from the Rogues on the walls, physical attacks from the Muggers and Bashers acting as guards – and strange exploding bomb like attacks from the Drug-Makers – that were dealing area of effect acid damage. It only lasted a few minutes, even the boss gnome himself (who appeared and backstabbed Rudy) didn't turn things in favour of the thieves guild.

After that single attack the leader realised his cause was lost and called the retreat as he personally flew into the sky and headed away from the tower as fast as he could. Although not without dropping a sack, full of Alchemist’s Fire, as he went. Robert gave chase with an air-walk spell followed up by a series of ranged spell attacks, and the Gnome tumbled like a stone into the river. However, when Robert went to search he could find no trace of their enemy – who seemed to have disappeared completely.

With most of the wooden building s in the old tower set on fire, the party hold the ground. There is one doorway left to explore, and they know the drugs are manufactured in the cellars ….

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