Week 63 - Research

Straight after the battle decisions were easy. Help the injured and bury the dead. At Wyvernstone it was about re-grouping. However, the scouts from Port Slough were out in numbers, making sure that there wasn’t another army and harrying the one that was retreating.

Lord Numesti, and most of the troops, returned to Port Slough to make sure that was properly defended, while the vanguard of troops from New Haven filled their place guarding the bridge.

After trying (unsuccessfully) to scry on the General of the Pitaxian Army they decided to split up. Cassandra, Rudy and Hebrin teleported to Pitax, while Robert, Ox and Larran went to port Slough. Keston was left in charge of the army gathering at Wyvernstone.

In Port Slough they set out to take prisoners and interrogate them. They managed to get a few and Ox started the interrogation, but had the first suspect executed when he wasn’t forthcoming. The second didn’t seem to know much more, and the Ogre they interrogated last of all hardly understood the questions, and certainly didn’t know the answers. Still, they managed to make a small collection of shields, pikes, lances and other heavy gear that the routed army had dropped - it would help bolster the New haven army - but they didn’t find a huge amount.

Cassandra teleported her group into the site of the Rushlight Tournament, as that was the closest place to Pitax they knew. After a bit of asking around – and deciding to to travel to the city on an Ox cart – they took a boat down to Pitax. It dropped them at the docks, close to the River Song trade hose that is controlled by Jhofré Vascari – the man they wanted to see.

After a short encounter with (what looked like) a small army of child beggars, they got to the right warehouse – but Jhofré wasn’t there. Instead it was recommended they go and stay at The feathered Crow Inn. They agreed to do that and Cassandra left a cryptic note asking for a meeting.

They spent some time in the inn, before going to the theatre to watch a fairly classical play. However, they were surprised by the amount of Sex, Violence and Gore that the producer managed to shoe horn into the performance – and actually left the theatre before the end of the play. Only to discover they were being shadowed by some of Jhofré’s men . Cassandra went back for the meeting - while Hebrin and Rudy walked over towards the palace.

Cassandra had a long a cryptic conversation with Jhofré – but eventually came to the conclusion that he, and probably most of the other power groups in Pitax, would not move against King Irovetti. However, he didn’t rule out some support should the King’s power be broken.

The other two discovered that the palace was a large single story building, with many towers , domes and sloping rooves. But that was about all they could ascertain.

Now, back at the Inn, they are considering their options.

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