Week 62 - The Battle of the Bridge

Prior Stephan had sent word to Port Slough at the same time as he had sent word to Rudy and the party - so re-enforcements arrived overnight. Lord Numesti (Rudy’s father-in-law) arrived leading his own company of footmen, he also brought the company of Newhaven Foot who had been based at Port Slough as an extra defence - all delivered by the marine units who had so recently started patrolling Lake Hookentongue. Suddenly they had some sort of chance.

With the troops assembles on the new ramparts, they sent Maia ( a falcon familiar) out scout. She said the army was heading towards the town, but she didn’t want to go out there again because there were dragons out there. Initially, they thought she was mistaken, but as the Pitaxian army formed a small flight of Wyverns, carrying large cauldrons in their claws, appeared in the sky behind them. While most of the army looked on, almost awe struck, the casters came into their own. Lighting bolts, fireballsand flame strikes rained down on the Wyverns, and two died before they got close enough to do any damage. Robert met the third just outside the walls in hand to hand combat – using an air walk spell. However, the Wyvern managed to drop the cauldron, and its contents, on the defending troops. However, more worrying was the fact that the Wyvern sunk its teeth into Robert, and held him in its mouth as it turned to fly away. Larran managed to get a set of arrows through its hide, and the creature plunged to the ground, Robert still struggling between its jaws. The shaock didn’t kill the priestm but it certainly ripped him up a bit, and rather than taking on the Pitaxian Army, he air walked home, curing himself as he went.

While this was going on the Pitaxians were trying to take the earth works - and the battle was going against Newhaven. Some of the enemy had managed to get across the shallow moat, and the defenders were under extreme pressure. If it hadn’t been for the Junior Clerics from the monastery and their Wands of CLW - things would have really been going against the Party and their troops. But now the principle casters were freed up to help out in the battle, and a few area of effect spells onto the enemy lines started to even things out again.

But then Trolls started climbing on to the bridge behind them. They had moved up underwater and just climbed onto the bridge. Larran and Rudy went to hold those back, with Hebrin and Ox helped out with arrows from the ramparts. Larran did huge amounts of damage - but it was Rudy and his flaming blade who did the lasting harm - once they were down. However, Rudy was struggling to keep up and there was a chance that some of the trolls would regenerate to consciousness, when help appeared.

Golka the Bard summoned a series of small fire elementals to dance across the fallen trolls, with Father Brald (a Pharasman Inquisitor from Tor Watch) chipped in with a series of acid splash spells. Between Rudy, Golka and Brald they managed to destroy the trolls that Larran kept down and unconscious.

Outside the battle was fairly even. The defenders were killing or disabling a lot of the attacking troops, but more and more were making their way across the moat and pulling the rampart down. Finally the enemy were through, starting to stream into the new earthworks and a cheer started up from the Pitaxian army. However, Robert was alert to it and had saved exactly the right spell – so a whiring Blade barrier sprung up in the gap, tearing the front ranks of the Pitaxian troops to shreds and covering the rest in gore from their colleagues.

While this was going on, Cassandra was sneaking up, invisibly, on the Pitaxian General, hoping to catch him unawares. It nearly worked but as she cast a spell at him, he spotted something and responded by flying upwards and casting a Cone of Cold of his own. Cassandra moved away, but when the Ogre mage went invisible next round - she decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and withdrew (via teleport) back to her own lines.

However, the Pitaxian army was defeated. The blade barrier setback, and the appearance of the sorceress back on the battlements was too much, and they soldiers started melting away from the front line. Many of the ogres who had been driving them forward had been targeted by spells and arrows from the earthworks - and many had fallen to the onslaught - so their was nothing behind the soldiers to drive them on. And soon it developed into a full scale rout as the Pitaxian troops fled the battlefield.

First thoughts were for the dying and injured, then the dead were collected. Altogether Newhaven had lost about 30 fighters. The enemy had lost a flight of Wyverns, a small unit of Trolls and over a hundred soldiers.

Now it was time to decide how to act ….

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