Week 61 - Betrayed!

The last of the tournament competitions was the Midnight Joust, traditionally used as the end piece of the competition. Both Larran and Ox decided to chance their arms, although they both decided to compete sober, rather than drunk – like most of the competitors and spectators. Both came through the qualifying rounds easily and then won through the first round of the finals. However, in the second round of the finals Larran went out to a woman from Daggermark called Chantal Urena, while Ox managed to beat the Knight from Gralton. Then, in the final round, Ox was up against Chantal (who had beaten Larran) for the right to fight Villamor Koth (the reigning Champion from Pitax) in the grand final. Ox put up a good fight, but the woam from Dagger mark unseated him fairly handily, but then went on to lose to the Pitaxian Champion.

That made Pitax the overall champions, with Mivon in second place and New Haven in third place. Not a spectacular performance, but no disgrace for the newest of the River Kingdoms.

It was after the awards ceremonies the next day, and during the networking, partying and shopping that was taking place that they got the message that a huge army was approaching Wyvernstone bridge.

Robert and Cassandra had prepared Word of Recall and Teleport spells for just that eventuality, and they made their way back (instantly) to organise their defences. It was fortunate that they had used the previous winter to fortify the settlement, build a gate across the bridge and extend patrols into the Port Slough area. Without that they would never have known about the army until they were already inside the town.

When they got there they found they had about 50 men to hold the bridge – and most of those were young and inexperienced.

Robert, Ox and Larran started organising the defences while Rudy and Cassandra teleported around the kingdom raising the army to muster just north of the Narlewood. On the way, they collected a number of their stronger supporters to help with the defence. Among them was Dabur Golka, the Dwarf bard who played their Lyre of Building.

The poor man played his fingers to the bone, but he managed to build a moat and earth rampart around the far end of the bridge. At least in the morning they would have something to defend.

While the Bard was building, Cassandra and Hebrin went scouting. They had guessed it was the Pitaxian army, but the scouting confirmed it. There was The Pitaxian Ogre Mage general, a bunch of troll and well over a thousand men. Cassandra released a couple of Cloud Kill spells to roll across the enemy army, choosing their start points carefully she made sure they would follow two different routes through the army, to have the maximum effect.

They teleported home, without waiting to see the effects.

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