Week 60 - Tournament!

Right at the start of the year, when traffic along the rivers was properly established again, and it was time for the Rushlight Tournament in Pitax. They teleported to Port Slough, taking Tamary with them to spend time with her family, and went from there to the tournament on horseback. Duncan, Rosy and Helga went along to look after the horses and act as attendants should they be required.

It was a straightforward journey down to the Rushlight Coliseum with few interruptions and little of interest happened at all. When they arrived at the tournament and asked where they should go - they we directed to King Irovetti’s pavilion. He was there with a couple of beautiful female assistants tinkering with some large musical instruments – and surrounded by an eclectic art collection. He was urbane and polite and drank a toast to the close friendship he hoped would develop between their two nations - then directed the group to a large silken pavilion that had been reserved for them.

The first day or so was quiet, lots of time to look around the market stalls and side shows. Rudy bought lots of beers and wines, as well as a host of gifts for Tamary (and possibly himself). They also looked around the menagerie and Rudy spent hours talking to the animals and petting the cuter ones - although he was told off by a troll guard for feeding the dinosaurs. He was quoted 15,000 gp for the menagerie to visit to the Newhaven festival, Robert (the treasurer) vetoed that plan before it was even discussed properly.

Then onto competition. Larran entered the Archery Competition and came third, Robert entered the Log Chopping competition – and came third. Then Rudy entered the Boasting Competition - and won it with an embellished story about defeating the barbarians and rescuing Tamary and the rest of the girls. A woman called Anna, from Pitax, came in second with a tale of spying on the rulers of an an-named nation - with some very thinly disguised references to the Newhaven rulers.

Pitax is in the lead so far – with one winner and two runners up, Mivon is second with a winner and a runner up while Newhaven are in third place with a single winner. Gralton, Daggermark and Tymon have failed to score yet – although there is still the midnight joust to go.

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