Week 6 - Ending a war

Started with the party deep in the middle of the mite stronghold, having recued a Kobold called Mikmek. They had just killed the large centipede that lived in the very bottom of the mite nest and were talking about taking a rest …

But then Hebrin realised that the narrow corridor they were in, lead into a large chamber, and that there was ‘something’ in there. ‘Something’ turned out to be the king of the mites and his troops, and worse, the king was mounted on a huge tick.

The party had learned that mites are tough to kill, but do relatively little damage, so they concentrated their attention on the tick that the king was riding. However, that had massive mandibles and did huge amounts of damage when it was in combat. But the party pressed on against it, making sure that it never got a chance to attack someone a second time, for that would probably have meant death ….

While all this was going on, Mikmek had spotted the statue on a table, and snuck around the back to claim it. Trying to sneak back he was spotted by Hebrin and Kassandra, but the mites were concentrating on the battle … However it was only when Rudy cast a cham on the small reptile that he really started to behave.

Eventually the Tick was overcome and the Mite King killed, at which point the others tried to run away but were cut down by Robert. However, any mites in the rest of the complex fled before the group could find them. Treasure was sparse, except for the statute which Mikmek insisted on guarding – although they did fins an account of the war spoils so far that implied Svetlana’s ring had been captured by the kobolds.

They camped for a night before heading off to the Kobolds’ caves, and after a series of running battles they needed the time to recover spells and heal them selves up. However it was still a fairly battered party that set off the next morning.

Mikmek lead them straight to the Kobolds’ lair, which they were surprised to discover was a disused silver mine. The guard, recognising Mikmek and the statue lead them inside, collecting a tail of kobolds as they went. They had asked to be taken to the chief, but something of the chatter between the kobolds made them realise there was a ‘political situation’ here – so the sent for the high priest as well.

But they had forgotten that Mikmek still had the statue, and being a typical kobold, he gave the statue to the first of the kobold leaders to appear – which happened to be the King Sootscale. But Sootscale surprised everyone – he held the statue aloft in triumph and than dashed it to the ground breaking it into a thousand pieces. Everyone froze, until Sootscale started screaming that he had broken the curse, and they should Kill the High Priest.

The party were caught up in the general exodus and met Tartuk the high priest (a strange purple skinned kobold) in one of the corridors – and combat ensued, with Tartuk trying to rally the kobolds against the party, while Chief Sootscale lead an attack on Tartuk. Eventually the chief won out, although he was seriously wounded, and Tartuk lay dead at his feet – which was a signal for Tartuk’s body to be dragged away and ceremoniously burned, along with a still live mite.

Sootscale gave the party all the treasure that Taruk had accumulated – even though some of it was taken from the Kobold’s themselves, and they even managed to get hold of the wand of magic missiles the strange priest had been using.

Sensibly the party camped outside, close to the Kobold Mines, before speaking with the chief the next day. They managed to extract a garbled promise from him that they wouldn’t attack travellers, although a lot of the Kobold argument was based around Tartuk made us, and the mites did it all anyway. They also arranged to trade silver ore for weapons at Oleg’s place, which certainly made Oleg raise an eyebrow when he was told. However, it looks like Chief Sootscale and his main hero, Mikmek, are now friends and supporters of the party.

Back at Oleg’s things are developing. Word has got around and there was even some indication of another family or two settling in, Oleg was pleased with the return of Svetlana’s ring and gave the party a reward, while the guards had been busy and had managed to get one of the damaged catapults working, after a fashion.

Game Time = 1 week
Total Game Time = 4 weeks

Back at Oleg’s they managed to piece together a translation of the journal they had found in Tartuk’s treasure. He wasn’t really a Kobold, but a cowardly Gnome who had accidentally sacrificed himself to save his village. Using an old reincarnate scroll, the villagers decided to bring him back in gratitude – however it all went horribly wrong when he came back as one of their worst enemies, a Kobold! Driven mad by the situation, he has spent his time travelling the River kingdoms searching out tribes of Kobolds to dominate and destroy, whilst killing as made gnomes as he can – on principle. Worse, he wasn’t a priest either, just a highly skilled sorcerer and charlatan …

As well as various coins, the party discovered a number of special items amongst Tartuk’s possessions …

  • Boots of Elven Kind
  • Wand of magic Missiles
  • Scroll with the spell Fly
  • Seven +1 flaming crossbow bolts
  • A single dose of dust of illusion
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