Week 58 - The Last Bits of Swamp

They finished the trip across the lake following a flashing light that was leading into the Haunted Fens. Unfortunately they didn’t see the creatures under the boat, until they were attacked. Two long tentacles with claws on the end suddenly splashed out of the water, and grabbed at the heads of Cassandra and Larran. Fortunately both jerked away at just the last moment and the claws slipped off, they weren’t held even though they took damage from the sharp talons.

With the creature hiding in murky water under the boat and reaching round they were at a loos of how to attack it. Robert went air-walking and tried an underwater blade barrier spell, while the other all worked on their defensive spells and abilities. With the blade barrier down one side of the ship, the creature’s range of targets was reduced, and both tentacles went for Hebrin. This time one of them gid manage to get a grasp around his head, and he was being pulled towards the water. Fortunately Larran managed to step up and try to sever the tentacle (and did severe damage) although it was Hebrin’s own dagger that completed the job in the end.

A flame strike from Robert finished things off- to reveal that there were two bear sized otter like creatures - but with clawed hands and an extra set of claws on the end of their tails.

The next couple of days were taken up checking out some of the lake and swamp, before they tackled The Swamp Scar. They knew it was dangerous and they suspected it was home to ‘The Legless Lady’, but they really didn’t know what to expect.

What they found was a 500 ft long pile of tree trunks and swamp debris that was 40 feet high – and sitting atop it were a couple of men who waved cheerily at them. Rudy went up to visit and had a chat, and then spent the next few rounds chatting and playing his bagpipes. Ox, on the other hand, fell under the charm of the Spirit Naga who suddenly appeared off to one side of the party. Apart from Robert, no one seemed inclined to initiate the attack - but Robert conjured a Spiritual Sword to strike at the aberration.

Next round a small dragon appeared and caught Cassandra in a ball of acidic mucus, although she was able to dimension door out of it, Hebrin almost fell under the Naga’s charms, but managed to throw the feeling off at the last minute - while Rudy chatted with the men atop the huge log pile.

Soon it developed into pattern - the Naga was throwing Cones of Cold and Fireballs around (mainly targeted at Robert and Hebrin), Ox was trying to dissuade Larran from attacking the naga, while Cassandra was facing off with the Swamp Drake. Although Rudy won a crab from one of the woodsmen when Cassandra destroyed the Swamp Drake with a fireball.

When she realised she was losing the Naga dimension doored away, healed a bit and started casting magic missiles from in cover - until Cassandra dropped a Cloud Kill onto of the log pile. It killed Jim and joe (the woodsmen) outright, although the Nage managed to Dimension Dorr back to the fight - although she was also invisible. The party only discovered her return when a Cone of Cold struck Rudy and Cassandra - although Cassandra’s return Freezing Sphere spell finished the battle off for the heroes.

Now the route trough Lake Hooketounge and tits swamps are much safer. The main Boggard tribe has been dispersed, the Hydra and the Naga have both been destroyed and the favoured ambush location at the mouth of the river has been destroyed. Soon trade will start up again - although I am sure the ships will all carry a decent complement of marines for protection from the remaining slough denizens.

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