Week 57 - Boggards

They spent a while scouting out the Boggard village, sending in an invisible and air walking Rudy. He spotted the sentries, a huge Frog like statue and some huts, but as the group tried to sneak in, they were spotted by the sentries. The chorus of loud and almost deafening croaks, seemed to disturb Cassandra, and she took off, back into the swamp, like a frightened hare. However, the others soon made mincemeat of the sentries and the lieutenants who soon appeared. Indeed they were dishing out so much damage that many of the sentries ran – and dived into holes in some of the muddy mounds that were scattered around the site. In control of the surface, they searched the huts, most were empty but one held the bog-strider prisoner they intended to rescue.

Then they picked a hole at random and entered into it one at a time. Unfortunately they picked the Boggard Throne Room, which held the king and a number of his lieutenants. The walls were lined with ordinary boggards beseeching the king and his lieutenants to save them from the nasty land dwellers (although only Cassandra could understand what they were saying)

But even here the battle wasn’t particularly difficult - excapt for that moment when the Boggard king flooded the area and half of the party were swept away from the battle. However, it didn’t take them long to get back into the fray and things turned their way. Eventually, the King fell to the floor and called upon The Legless Lady to send divine assistance. She didn’t and he was denounced as a heretic by his own supporters, many of whom flung weapons at him as they ran for the exits.

With the boggards dispersed and the threat averted, the party were able to explore the lair at will. They quickly discovered the tribe’s treasure chamber and came away much richer than they had started out. Rudy even managed to find a set of magical pan pipes. However, he has refrained from playing them so far.

Then it was back to the Bog-Strider – they set up a system where by the bog-striders could call for help if they needed it and listened as the chief bog-strider gave them a description of the most dangerous areas of the swamp. Then they teleported back to Port Slough.

Unfortunately, the only room that Cassandra knew really well in Port Slough, was a room in the Velvet Slipper (a house of Ill Repute) they had used during their earlier infiltration of Fort Drelev. This time, however, it was in use by a member of the guard and a young lady who worked in The Slipper. There was quite a kerfuffle, especially as Rudy recognised his sister-in-law (Kissandra) taking a drink at the common room bar.

Eventually it all calmed down - Rudy and Ox dined with Lord Numesti, Larran stayed in The Slipper, while the others all finished up with a suite at the Inn (The Iron Spire). Next day they planned how to deal with the rest of the swamp, and approved some defensive plans that Charles had drawn uop and sent across for their approval. The Fort in Horcroft would be upgraded to a Castle, a number of smaller settlements would get walls, and two new companies of troops would be recruited – one for Port Slough and one for White Castle.

Then it was back to the Swamp - they decided to start up north this time, and deal with a common boggard ambush point, just as the river entered the swamp area. This tribe was no where near as strong as the ones they had defeated earlier - although they were all armed with poisoned blowgun darts! However, they were soon defeated and their ambush point destroyed. Now the swamps would be a much safer place.

There are just the Haunted Fen and the Swamp Scar – reputed to be home to the Legless Lady- to deal with now.

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