Week 56 - The Southern Swamp

Rudy and Tamary went on a Honeymoon to Restov, while Charles and the others negotiated an agreement with Lord Numesti. They recognised him as leader of Port Slough, incorporated Port Slough into Newhaven and gave Lord Numesti Charter Lord status. Lady Khavortorov was admitted into the Newhaven nobility in the rank of Patent Lord.

Then back to business, to secure the future of both Port Slough and Wyvernstone, the trade route through the swamp needed to be reopened. So they set off for Whitecaste, Lord Larran’s keep, and then into the very southern end of the swamp.

Mostly the swamp is just swamp land, but they managed to discover a few interesting areas. In one place they found the mating grounds of the great marsh snail, large enough to clearly be related to The Great Pink Sea Snail of legend. They skirt around that leaving the snails to their amorous pleasures, and stumbled upon a small patch of Azure Lilies in doing so.

Hebrin racked his brains and realised that the plants were dangerous - but could be used to create a nasty poison that could make one unconscious. So they emptied out a sack and collected the blooms using the Mage hand spell. Then Cassandra teleported straight out to Bokken, to get him to make the poison up for them. Another teleport took her back to the swamp and her colleagues.

Then it was a Hydra. Twelve head it had, although they managed to slay it in fairly short order. However, the hydra had managed to kill the leader of a group of refugees from Pitax who were huddled on the shore. Twenty five had set out from Pitax in search of a better life in Newhaven - now only 18 were left and they were debating whether to go on, or go back. Reassured by the party they travelled onto Port Slough, escorted by the Lords’ personal guard - Helga, Rosy and Duncan. It was a fortunate decision to send the escort for they encountered a pair of large snakes that would have killed more of the group. As it was the men-at-arms saved the day. Currently they are all in Port Slough recuperating - while the refugees are being found jobs and responsibilities that will allow then to support themselves.

Backing the swamp the main group came across an island full of large bug-men - who could walk across the surface of the water. Fortunately Cassandra has cast a permanent Comprehend languages on herself – and with the help of a Tongues spell was able to communicate with them. While somewhat wary, they confided that one of their number had been taken prisoner by the Boggard tribe who ruled this part of the swamp, and that they would be grateful if he was rescued and returned.

They were even told how to find the lair of this great Boggard tribe ….

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