Week 55 - The Wedding

The group went home again and settled down to running their country and preparing for Rudy’s wedding to Tamary – Although much of that was done by Charles and Rudy’s personal Event Organiser.

There were all sorts of people came – or at least sent representatives. About the only two conspicuous in their lack of a message were Pitax and the Surtovas. Most of the Brevic Noble families sent someone - after all Rudy is an Orlovsky and Tamary’s family are associated with the Lebedas. Rudy Rules Newhaven and Tamary’s dad is the new lord of Port Slough (or Fort Drelev as it was). Perhaps THE society event of the year.

The Orlovsky’s were represented by marine orlovsky, and ancient aunt who kept poking the new bride and talking about “Child bearing Hips”, heirs and duty!

There were Merchants there from all over - Pitax, Mivon, Jovvox, Restov, New Stetven and even from Winterbreak Bay in the Lake of Mists and Veils. All sorts of new trade agreements were forged.

Then there was the wedding itself. It was held in public on a great stage in the park - Guests of high Station were entertained in the park itself – while people skilled in the art of illusions watched from on high and created illusiury replica’s for every one else. It was a great day - right up until Tamary was gifted a beautiful Sparkling gem by a Fey Woman. Tamary dropped to the ground instantly, on the verge of death. The Evil Fey was cut down in seconds by the surrounding guests – but that is what happens when you screw up a party attended by high level fighters and mages.

Tamary was taken back to the palace and clerics from any number of deities cast restorative and protective spells - while other casters concentrated on protective and divination spells. Eventually they realised it was a trapped Soul Gem and they needed a special unguent to help ease the soul back into the body – or else Tamary would die when the gem was broken. Research found the special ingredient, and the bulk of the party were dispatched to collect Rattle-cap Mushrooms from the Mud Bowl.

However, someone had teleported a guardian (a roper) into the middle of the Mud Bowl and a grand battle followed as they stove to defeat the monster. Eventually they were successful and managed to return with the proper ingredients.

The Unguent was created and applied to Tamary, and when the gem was broken Tamary’s soul managed to find its way home. Soon the city and nation was calmed and Rudy and tamary could start married life together.

Soon, though, it will be time to go and clean up the swamp around Hookentongue Slough ….

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