Week 54 - Exploring the Tomb - 3

The doors lead into a mist shrouded corridor, which they explored carefully, until they found a double door at the far end, that they discovered lead into a temple dedicated to Gorum. There was a warrior priest standing just inside the door, who Rudy greeted with the words "We come in peace …" - the warrior priest just shook his head sadly and dimension-doored to t stand in the doorway leading out from the other side of the chamber. And started to cast …

A full scale battle ensue, although none could close with the priest, because they could not make their way through the anti-life field he had created. So they were restricted to missiles and ranged spells, and even a cloud kill just rolled straight past him with no obvious effects. They were wearing him down slowly, but his Chaos Hammer, Blade Barrier and Flame Strike spells were taking a much heavier toll on the party.

Then Cassandra dispelled the anti-life shell and the battle moved to close quarters which favoured the party. He suddenly seemed tp collapse in on himself in a glow of divine magic - his body disappeared but hi equipment remained - just collapsing in a heap on the floor. They talked about leaving now, but eventually decided to push on into the tomb, and as they did so they felt the blessings of Gorum and they recovered their health - although their spells were still expended.

The next chamber stank of death and bodies of dead barbarians littered the floor - and there was the large figure of Armag the barbarian war lord, armed with a massive great sword and flanked by eight great skeleton warriors. And the battle was joined ….

Cassandra managed to get a cone of cold off, only to see the magic flow around Armag, and the skeletons just ignored the effect. There were no real tactics after that, just a full on charge from Armag and his skeleton troops - which was met by Larran and Ox. Robert, empowered by the Righteous Might of Iomedae closes as well, while Rudy cast haste on the group and reverted to playing inspiring music on the bagpipes.

It was tight, Armag hit Larran with some huge blows from his great sword, and the elfish fighter fell to the floor, dead. Although Robert was able to intervene with a Breath of Life spell, before Larran's spirit had properly left his body, but that turned out to be the only real success for Armag. After that he took critical damage from both Robert and Ox and the war lord collapsed to the floor - and his skeletons soon followed.

From there it was into the tomb of the original Armag, and short work to discover his treasure horde. Then, with their portable hole almost full, the dimension doored back to their camp and set off for Port Slough ….

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