Week 53 - Exploring the Tomb - 2

After a night of rest they entered the tomb again and, trying to avoid the Golem, they took the misty corridor they had spotted previously. They carved their way down the stairs, going carefully and slowly because they could only see five feet in front of them.

Then there was a scrabbling noise behind then, something big was coming up behind them. Then centipedes and spiders seemed to boil out of the walls floor and ceiling – and they were desperately trying to keep the poisonous vermin out of their armour. Then there was ore scrabbling in front of them as a massive five-armed daemonic insect closed up behind them.

Robert put up a Blade Barrier to keep the thing in front of them at bay, the fighters waded into battle with the thing behind and Rudy played the bagpipes - which managed to block the audibly fear effects generated front her monster behind the Blade Barrier. It was a long hard battle – Cassandra got Stone-Skin spells on the fighters and Robert eventually got Protection From Evil on to Ox – and they were then able to defeat the summoned daemon-insect comfortably. Then Robert dismissed his blade barrier and they took on the second one. This was easier, because all of the protective spells were already in place.

There was a door at the end of the corridor, but when Hebrin opened it a crack and peered through – they discovered they were back to the Iron Golem made in the shape of Gorum!

So back we went to the room with the tilting floor. They got across there really easily as Robert used Ant Haul and Airwalk to carry everyone across. Then there was a chamber – a 30 foot drop to the floor, 30 feet to the ceiling and a number of steppingstone pillars for them to cross.

Hebrin and Rudy debated jumping the pillars while Robert started using the Airwalk to ferry people (starting with Ox) across. Hebrin flipped a coin out into the chamber to see what the floor was like, and the floor started to boil with ants. Rather than reddish pebbles the floor was made up of ants - ants that had been dormant until the coin struck the floor …

They were climbing the pillars and walls and would soon be on the party - except Cassandra dropped a Fireball and then Dimension Doored everyone across to the other side. Down the corridor and another double door - that again lead into the Golem chamber, only this time they had a huge swarm of army ants chasing them from behind.

They faced the Golem briefly, remembering that electrical effects slowed it, while Cassandra and Hebrin found the illusion shrouded exit, that they all knew must be there somewhere.

Eventually they were trough that and Hebrin managed to relock the door, as they hacked their way through the next set of web covered stairs. Behind them, the Golem was pounding on the door and walls, but fortunately didn't manage to get through.

Straight into what looked like a natural cavern which houses a group of intelligent, and powerful, skeletons. It was a long tough battle, but eventually they were beaten – although Larran almost joined then in defeat.

That gave they the peace and quiet they needed to find the illusion shrouded door that, they believe, leads further into the tomb.

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