Week 52 - Exploring the Tomb - 1

The tomb is turning out to be slow and difficult to explore. The first door they went through led to a chamber with a statue and a very simple ‘corridor’ trap, although they managed to lift the bars that fell fairly easily.

Opposite the statue they found a secret door, but the corridor behind it was shrouded with fog and the stairs were gummed up with webs – so they left that one alone. Next was a room with a tilting floor, Ox and Hebin got caught as the floor suddenly tilted down wards - Robert, with his air walk spell, was fine. There are two ?Pits? or perhaps ?tubes? leading downwards from there, and a corridor with a locked door. They left that one alone as well.

So they went the other way. In the first room there was a series of heavy stones that needed lifting up and placing on steps. That was made easier by Robert’s Ant Haul spell, and that triggered a door hidden behind an illusory wall. That took them into another chamber, where a wheel stood prod in the middle of a Iron plate set in the floor. The roof was supported by four pillars made of Metal weapons fused together. They worked out where the exit was, by working out where the illusory wall was … but then Hebrin couldn't unlock it. Possibly because he couldn't actually see what he was doing and was working by feel alone.

So Rudy got impatient and decided to turn the wheel. Somehow they had missed the trap on the iron plate – and as Rudy stepped up, the whole room started to get cold and a thick rime of ice appeared on the walls. Soon everyone was taking cold damage - and it wasn't until Ox had finally turned the wheel seven times that they heard a click and all the locks disengaged. It didn't take Robert long to batter through the ice, and to get them out of the freezing chamber - but they had all take cold damage - Ox much more than most because of his contact with the metal wheel.

A short corridor and the a distraction as Rudy stripped an ancient living room of keepsakes - just long enough to let all of their short term spells wear off. Then there was another flight of stairs with webbing – although this time they burned their way through.

And eventually into a large round chamber with an Iron Golem made in the shape of Gorum himself. The battle was going badly, and they decided that discretion was the better part of valour and they used dimension door to make their way outside.

After a long discussion, they decided they could afford to rest for a night. More than that would risk Armag slipping out of the tomb while they weren't watching - and who knows what effects that could have?

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