Week 51 - Into the Tomb

Things were looking up in Drelev. The Newhaven Regiment had arrived and had been garrisoned in the Watch Tower to help bolster the defences. Towns’ folk were working on the unfinished town walls and Lady Parevain Khavortorov, and her troops had taken up residence in the central barracks while Lord Numesti was busy recruiting and training a militia to take over some of the local policing duties. Numesti had also sent out messengers mainly into Brevoy muster support from their patrons and gather those who had fled, but one had been sent to Newhaven to inform Kisandra it was safe to return to her family home.

Tamary claimed chambers in the castle and made sure that her fellow hostages were looked after properly. Sophelia had managed to find her mother, who had been hiding in town, and was helping out making herbal medicines and poultices for the wounded. Marinda, neither of whose parents can be found, is serving as a lady in waiting, while Anj (who was never really an aristocrat at all) is her lady’s maid. The irrepressible Galine, still dressed in her new armour, is acting as a runner for her mother as she reorganises her troops.

Baron Drelev’s body had been cut down, then ceremonially beheaded and burned on a huge pyre along with the bodies of most of the defeated occupying forces. Numesti had made sure that there was no chance of his body being recovered and raised from the dead, in an attempt to reclaim control of the city.

Rudy and Cassandra even managed to arrange basic trade deals and mutual defence pacts, along the lines of the agreements they have with the centaurs, with Lord Numesti. Especially after Rudy offered to help clear Hookentongue Slough and re-establish trade along the river.

Then it was back to the barbarians. They made a cautious approach – but then half the party went up on top of the bluff, trying to over look the camp and see what changes had been made. However, they really weren't all that quiet about it, and the barbarian guards, who had been posted up there, spotted them and initiated combat.

That was resolved fairly quickly, and then the scouts teleported into the camp, to wait for the rest of the party to arrive on horseback and by foot. They chose to appear in a small stand of trees, which (unfortunately for them) was already occupied by a small squad of barbarians. They were easily holding their own in the fight, when re-enforcements arrived. The extra barbarians weren't a problem - however the massive sabre toothed tiger they brought with them as another matter. It soon had Rudy between its jaws, shaking him like a rag doll, whilst still rearing up and clawing at Larran.

But the cavalry, in the form of the rest of the party, arrived in time to swing the battle against the barbarians. Then it was into the cave they had spotted last time, to try and find Armag the barbarian leader. A short passageway brought the to a large chamber, lit only by the flame of a Salamander from the elemental planes of fire, it was fairly plain but had three life sized statues of Kellid warriors along one wall - and great woolly Rhinoceros that suddenly charged the party! Fortunately, Robert realised it must have been summoned - and sent it packing with a dismissal while Cassandra launched a fireball at the two dark robed figures she had spotted at the back of the chamber. Only to her spell leave them completely unharmed. Confusion effects had Rudy and Ox trying to beat up on members of their party, while a protection from evil kept the summoned salamander at bat for long enough to kill it.

Then Ox and Larran got within striking distance of the clerics of Gyronna (who had been serving as Armag’s advisers) and the battle was as good as over.

Now they just need to decide which way to go - for there are two set of double doors that appear to lead further into the tomb complex.

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