Week 50 - The Rescue

The next day there was a short trial, in front of the people of Fort Drelev. The Baron was found guilty of treason (among other things) and sentenced to death. The penalty was carried out with immediate effect and his body displayed from the castle balcony.

By this time re-enforcements had arrived from Newhaven and were assigned to help Lord Numesti control the town. Because Breen was assigned to raise a new troop of light horse, they re arranged their roadies. Helga was to come along, so was Duncan (a follower of Cassandra) while Hebrin met a female Halfling who had escaped from Cheliax (called Rosie) and gave her a job. Then they set off on a rescue mission - taking their new followers and the Horse Guards for their last trip before redeployment.

They found the hostages in a camp under light guard, and orchestrated a rescue by dimension dooring in, and then back out again with the hostages. It nearly went wrong when they only managed to rescue a hostage called Galine on the first attempt. Galine is a bit of a Tomboy, and an officer cadet in the Drelev Scouts - she managed to talk Rudy into giving her a suit or magical armour and a MW morning star so she could help in the upcoming battle – although just about everyone else was saying that a 13 year old (L1 aristo) was way too young … In the end there was no combat - but somehow she managed to keep both the armour and the Morning Star.

They took the girls back to Drelev and settled them in, while they prepared to go back a ‘teach the barbarians a lesson’.

While they were in town, one of the (soon to be disbanded) boat crew came and offered his resignation - Dick is going to take over running the Shrine to Hanspur that lies abandoned in the middle of Fort Drelev.

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