Week 5 - Mites

After camping and doing some gentle exploring, they found another bridge across the river – only this one was guarded by an undead incarnation of the bridge keeper. He told them he had been killed by the Stag Lord and his men and demanded the body of the Stag Lord be thrown into the river, or else …

The party sensibly nodded, agreed and moved away from the bridge.

That night they met another one of the regions trappers, a female half-orc called Nug. Apparently she traps for mink and other furs close to the rivers. She stayed for a short while, but then disappeared into the night.

Next day they located the Mites’ nest under the Old Sycamore Tree, about half way between Nettle’s Crossing and The Rickety Bridge – although it took them a while to find the way in – and even then most of the are hunched up and can’t fight properly because the tunnels are so small.. Once there they disturbed some Mite tricksters, and almost got caught in a field of caltrops. Further in they found a mite torture chamber, with a number of dead Kobolds – although they managed to rescue one they found alive. He is called Mikmek and tried to recruit the group to help him recover the stolen statue. As this is one of the things they are after, the party agreed and Mikmek has joined the group for the time being. As they pressed further into the Mite lair they disturbed a huge centipede, that attacked them, it was struggle as not everyone could get into the combat, however, Rudy made good use of the boots of spider climb to climb up the walls and make more room for himself.

Now they are ready to push further into the mite stronghold.

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