Week 47 - Breaking In

They waited until early evening to enter the hidden entrance down by the lake shores. Using Robert’s sword as a light source they cleared the entrance and found themselves in a set of natural limestone caves. There were a few short side passages, but there was only one route deeper in. The width and height fluctuated quite a lot and there were signs that it flooded down here occasionally, when eventually they came to a larger chamber. They saw the large blobby thing ahead of them and were starting to investigate when Hebrin shot an arrow into it, and it immediately split into two!

They hung back, concentrating on the thing (a Black Pudding) while they were working out the magics that they could use on it, when a second one dropped on them from the roof of the cavern. The battle was brutal but fairly short - the mêlée oriented PC s trying to stay away from the acid of the puddings while Cassandra, Robert and Rudy went for it with distance magic.

A short way further they discovered a locked iron gate across the passage and they knew they were inside. As they explored the next small cavern, they spotted a sack of something hidden amongst some rock - although when Robert checked it detected as a magical sack. Sceptical as always, Hebrin loosed an arrow which struck the sack fair and square. There was a soft popping noise, almost like an under inflated bladder bursting, as the sack appeared to collapse in on itself. When they got there and investigated more fully, it was just a plain burlap sack with a piece of string tired around the mouth. It was empty and no longer detected as magical.

A little bit further they came to a dead end, which they soon worked out contained a locked and concealed door – which lead them into the cellars of Baron Drelev’s castle. And, perhaps in poor piece of castle design, lead them straight into a room full of treasure! They soon had a collection of gems, jewellery and barbarian funerary articles worth a few thousand gold pieces –they also discovered a collection of decent arms and armour, although they realised that it looked like the things that Lord Numesti had worn on their previous visits.

Strangely, there were no doors out of the treasure chamber - but they did discover secret doors in two walls and another in the ceiling – all securely locked. So securely locked that Hebrin couldn't open them, so Larran attacked the wall close to one of the doors with his magical War-hammer - and before long had broken through enough to let them open the door properly.

They broke through into a prison cell, only to discover Lord Numesti in an adjoining cell. An invisible servant was summoned to collect the keys from a hook by the door, - and soon the cells doors were open, Lord Numesti healed, and then re-equipped with his combat gear. And he was keen to go and take revenge on Baron Drelev and his minions.

The rest of this level contained cellars and stores, although there was a second treasure room they could no access. The next level up was the entrance level - Foyer, Kitchens, Cloak Room - and just a couple of guards who were dispatched in short order.

They made sure the main doors were still barred, and then continued up the tower. Only to disturb Baron Drelev at dinner with a young lady who was not his wife! And a handful of guards to make sure they stayed safe. It was a short battle, Drelev got a few hits in, the woman cast a confusion spell (which worked on Cassandra and Lord Numesti) while the guards just attacked.

Drelev managed to get through one of the exit doors, hurting Robert on the way past, and the woman just disappeared – leaving the guards. They fought on for a round or two, but then tried to run as well. One made it as far as the main doors on the level below before he was cut down – none of the others got that far. Meanwhile Cassandra and Lord Numesti were involved in a fight of their own - under the influence of the Confusion spell they had turned on each other! Robert had to rescue Numesti when he dropped unconscious, and appeared to be dying - while Rudy did his best to distract Cassandra with various low level spells. However, there is very little chance of her succumbing to mental attacks twice in such short order.

Robert and Hebrin checked the next room on this level, to discover the library - with a mephit asleep on top of the book case. It breathed a cloud of abrasive dust at them and then escaped out of the window. There were doors out onto the wall walks, which the party barred, and then they were ready to continue to the higher levels of the keep ….

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