Week 45 - Attacked!

It has been a peaceful time, nearly two years since the problems at Varnhold started. The kingdom has been growing. Rudy has been courting Tamary Numesti, and has even agreed a wedding date. Count Rudy of Newhaven is to be married to Lady Tamary Numesti on Stagfall (Founders’ Day) this year. He has even built a new palace in Horcroft to be their marital home. Everything is going well, winter his turning into spring, the roads are opening up again, the nation is starting to get into its summer routines when .….

First it was a messenger from Wyvernstone Bridge – Barbarians and mercenaries had attacked - and they were supported by trolls! The messenger had ridden almost non stop to Horcroft - pausing just long enough to change horses and spread the word. He wasn’t exactly sure what had happened because he had been dispatched early with the warning. Then there was the Nixie - there was a huge disturbance in the lake and along the shore line as the half naked beauty arose from the waters to report that Trolls had been stepping in her river. She could smell them in the water from miles off. They were just working out that Tatzleford was the target when a new messenger arrived - sent from Tatzleford to report that Lady Numesti had taken refuge there and was saying that there was an invasion force coming.

The Newhaven Regiment (Hammermen and Archers) was dispatched from its base at Horcroft to march north - secure Leveton and than make its way on to Wyvernstone Bridge. The party, along with the Horse Guard, set for Tatzleford.

Once there they discovered that it was Lady Kisandra Numesti. And the News was worse than they expected. The attacking force was mixture of Mercenary Guards, Barbarians and Trolls sent from Fort Drelev! Baron Drelev had surrendered to a force from Pitax supported by Barbarian hordes and was now allying himself with them. He had given up the eldest daughters of his five senior captains as hostages, and thrown Lord Numesti in the dungeons when he refused. Worse still Tamary was one of the girls given over to the barbarians as a hostage. Kisandra had disguised herself as a soldier, and travelled with the invaders, only breaking away when she would be able to raise the alarm. She wants the party to Free her father, kill Baron Drelev and then rescue Tamary.

Forewarned is forearmed - so they senty out scoutrs, made sure the local population were armed distributed magical items to the local priest and wizard - and then shored up the defences.

But it didn’t take long for the enemy to come into sight. Cassandra lossed a quick fireball and then ran for the central keep. Once the battle was in full swing the trolls appeared out of the woods, and clambered over the makeshift walls of the town. So the party switched to fighting the trolls - flame strikes from Robert, Fire balls and lightning bolts from Cassandra and a deadly blade from Ox seemed to do the most damage - although the sight of a troll rolling around the ground laughing his head off, after Rudy had cast Hideous Laughter, will stay in the memory for many a long year.

Ensign Breen , along with the Mayor of Tatzleford lead the defence, and were holding up well. However, once the trolls were defeated, the fighting ground to a standstill as Ox faced off against Ameon Trask, who was leading the attackers. As Trask fell, the rest of the invaders turned tail and fled.

The day had been won, Tatzleford had been saved - and they had only lost a couple of men. The rest of the injured had been saved, although some had been a deaths door. There were many dead invaders, one mercenary taken hostage and the rest fled. About the best outcome they could have hoped for. And for his part in the battle, Ensign Breen was field promoted to the rank of full lieutenant and given a modest pay rise!

Tonight is the time to collect thoughts and prepare, tomorrow it is off to Fort Drelev!

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