Week 44 - Building a Nation

Newhaven has been expanding rapidly - first Varhhold and its lands have been added to the burgeoning state and then Loy Rezbin’s Tatzleford was added in - although Rudy still harbours some doubts about Tatzleford while Cassandra is uncomfortable with the speed of expansion as a whole. However, soon the surrounding lands are incorporated, farms built, patrols expanded – and everything seem to be going along fairly smoothly.

A new town, Silverstep, is developed to mark the south eastern border of the land – and to exploit the natural resources found in that region - and is earmarked as a holding for Lord Hebrin. Another new settlement has been built at Wyvernstone Bridge and is Earmarked as Lord Robert’s holding, although at the moment it is little more than a few farmers, a patrol barracks and a small priory in Iomedae’s name.

The only issues that demand attention from ‘on high’ arise in the south west. A band of evil pixies kidnap a baby and replace it with a shaved bear cub, and a nest of bog mummies is discovered. The party are unable to save the baby (or the bear cub) but do manage to track down and exterminate the pixies and the destroy (once and for all) the Bog Mummies.

Then it is back to expanding Horcroft and securing the countryside. Trading piers are built and suddenly it is much easier to for merchants to trade between Restov and Mivon - and from there onto the main trade route. Horcroft becomes established as small but effective trading city in its own right.

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