Week 43 - The Roc

They sent for Rhodri, the druid who is Jhod's assistant at Elkwall, for advice on the bird and how to drive it away. His first thoughts were to move the road so that the creature wouldn't be disturbed, although he soon realised that he wasn't going to win with that argument. They took the boat up to Lake Silverstep and watched the bird for a couple of days, before Rhodri suggested breaking the eggs and firing the nest site. If anything would drive the Roc away, that might do it.

So they waited until it had left - their observations had shown that it was likely to be away for a few hours at least - and Rudy used his slippers to walk quickly, and invisibly, up the side of the peak to get to the nest. The eggs and a Roc feather went into the Portable hole, and a barrel of oil and a flask of alchemist’s fire came out. A few minutes later, Rudy was on his way back down again and the nest was ablaze.

When the bird returned it circled the nest a couple of times and then went to perch on a nearby mountain top where it watched and keened for its lost eggs. Eventually, it flew off to the South East, never to be seen again ….

On the way home, they called in at Gurdinford and introduced Rhodri to the Tanners, and asked the druid to take Tig in hand. After spending some time with the lad, the pair of them came back looking smug, and Rhodri announced that while he was going away now, he would be back in a few days to take Tig up to Silverstep to check that the Roc hadn't returned.

As to whether that is going to be a good thing or a bad thing, only time will tell. However, it was only a few weeks later that Tig was reported to be showing strange abilities …

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