Week 42 - Archerfest

Planning meeting all around and then off to clear out the tower on Candlemere Island. They tried earlier, without success, but now Robert has researched the spell he needs and is confident that he can banish the aura of chaos and fear. So they prepared magical circles against Chaos and then ascended the hill to the tower itself - where Robert dispelled the chaotic aura of fear that seen]med to be attracting the will o’wisps. As the spell was cast, three strange creatures made of tentacle and teeth phased into view, but they couldn’t penetrate the magical circles. Neither the witch-lights for the Chaos beast were able to attack, so Cassandra could finish the chaos beasts off with a mixture of lightning bolts and fireballs. And the witch-lights just faded to invisible and decided to keep out of the way. They resolved to build a watch tower here, to mark their success and guard their southern borders.

Then back to Horcroft, but not before they spotted a flotilla of small ships heading towards Horcrofy. Concerned, they went to question the crews, worried that they were pirates - but in the end it worked out that two of the ships were a gift from the Lords of Restov, in appreciation for their work in Varnhold.

Then it was Archerfest, all of the Newhaven Court were there, so were Suka Varn, Xamanthe the Centaur and Lord Numesti from Fort Drelev. Lord Numesti had brought his daughters with him, complaining that they had nagged him until he agreed. Rounds of dinner parties, shopping expeditions and general socialising followed during the lead up to Archerfest.

Rudy and Larran were invited to early morning weapon practice with Numesti, and were surprised to find both girls practicing with a range of weapons. Tamary was competent, but Kisandra turned out to be quite skilled with a whole range of weaponry. As Numesti explained - his daughters need to know how to defend themselves should the need arise.

There ere all sorts of events on the day of Archerfest. Jhod started off by sacrificing animals in Erastil’s name, and then blessed their cooking as part of the evenings feast. There were all sorts of competitions - with a foot race through the town (which was won by Suka Varn) and various shooting competitions. The main competition was won by a hunter from Leverton (much to Oleg and Svetlana’s delight), while Lord Numesti came in second, although he declined the cash prize in favour of the next best competitor.

Then it was trips around the market and fair stalls, culminating in a big open air dance – however, it all finished early and everyone went back to Ruler’s Roost for a bit more partying.

Numesti decided to leave soon afterwards, and instructed the girls to have an early night, although Larran thinks he saw Kisandra in the tavern later in the evening. Before they left Rudy presented Tamary with the Automaton he has purchased from the Swamp Witch and an item of jewellery. At which point she launched herself at him for a big sloppy kiss, much to the embarrassment of everyone, including her father!

After every one had left, Jhod escorted Loy Rezbin into see Rudy 0 and the man promptly bent the knee and declared that he had claimed a parcel of land .in Rudy’s name, and on behalf of Newhaven. He then pledged his people’s loyalty to the rulers of Newhaven. An unexpected Archerfest gift for the nation.

However, they still think they need to send someone along to check the place out, just in case it is some sort of weirdo cult!

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