Week 4 - Vermin

All refreshed, the group set off to do a little bit more exploring and then rid the region of Mites. However, they got distracted by an old lightening struck tree that mad them think of the ‘Treasure Map’ that they found,

They even found a concealed tunnel leading down into the roots of the tree, although a couple of them anaged to slip, and slide down on their backsides – through a doorway encrusted with Bugs. That set the scene for the place as two of them dealt with the harmless bugs there, the other three fought some things that looked like a cross between a Halfling and a centipede!

Tunnels lead downwards and deeper – and judicious use of ropes got them down another level to find a crossroads room, that seemed to be full of flying bugs, that took off past their ears, There was something glinting among the mushrooms, but the ranger KNEW the ‘shrooms set dangerous spoors – so they left it for the minute. Another room with a nest of rotting vegetation , more of the halflipedes and then the large mummy centipede. Another tunnel down – and a fog that obscured then way until they bumped into corpses writing with worms and bugs impaled – they poked around but none of the nasty bugs managed to make it across to any of the party members.

They worked out they could climb out, and found themselves in what looked like a shrine to a minor god of vermin – where they fought more centipedes and then a Halfling caster who was walking on the ceiling? Perhaps he was the daddy? Eventually the ‘temple’ was desecrated when the took the gemstone eyes from the idol. There was another room with a spider like throne that seemed top drive people mad, and a prison cell with a Kobold and a Bandit – both of whom were released …

Eventually they returned their attention to the ‘Glint’ in the mushroom crossroads – and used a burning hands spell tpo clear the mushrooms out – only to recover the solitary silver piece that had been dropped there …

The managed to recover ..

  • Slipper of Spider Climb
  • Ring of Protection +1
  • A strange magical bowl – it is made out of a dark brown, hard material, that looks just like dried leather. There are mystical patterns (that could be writing) that incorporate runes running around the inside just below the rim.

(Note 1: Cassandra made her rolls – and read the magical script around the rim. She said the magic word and it grew into a coracle complete with paddle – when she said it again it turned back into a bowl)

(Note 2: Coracle = small one man boat with a movement rate of 1/2 mile an hour when paddled, but can’t be sailed)

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