Week 39 - Parading for Dinner

It was time for the Stag Fall festival, to celebrate the fall of the Stag Lord and the founding of Newhaven. The day started out with a parade, Rudy had a new suit, and Cassandra got a new dress, while Robert, Ox and Keston all got special parade armour representing their rank in the Newhaven Military. Hebrin, stood on the viewing platform, along with the rest of the nobles, but managed to make himself fairly inconspicuous.

It started out with a military parade – first with members of the Horcroft Watch, followed on by a company of Marshals and then members of the of the Newhaven Yeomen. Behind them marched a military band, that was followed by ‘the best of the city’ – Highly decorated wagons and horses from the Stag Brewery, Brazen’s Mill and the City Tannery. Then came another small marching band and a display team from Glynn’s sword School, doing fancy drill with a sword and shield set that would have rivalled and group of cheerleaders. A small detachment of mounted messengers brought up the rear and concluded the parade.

In the park behind the dais, everyone joined in visiting all the stalls selling blue and yellow ‘Newhaven Favours’, sweet meats, sweet ales and other treats. In the evening it all finished up with a small firework display from a barge moored out in the lake.

It was also deemed an auspicious day to announce the formation of the new company of soldiers to form a standing army for the nation. Everyone was informed and the word has been sent out to work its way around the land.

Later they decided to see about lake Silverstep, the Eels and the Roc’s egg, that had been requested of them, so they took the boat straight up the Gurdin river to the lake. They cruised across slowly, intending to set up a camp on the far shore of the lake closest to Talon Point and the Roc’s nest. However, they disturbed a Peluda – a semi aquatic dragon that is covered in spines. As it stepped ashore it breathed a column of flame, and managed to catch quite a lot of people - including Helga from the boat guard. However, she and the rest of the crew were able to get out of the way before the real combat started. The Peluda puffed up it spines and pointed them at anyone who got near - meaning you were going to get caught by them when ever you attacked from in close. And getting caught meant a chance of getting poisoned. And people were getting poisoned quite quickly - even Cassandra managed to get in range for the beast’s barrage of spines attack. At one point Larran was down to single hit points, while Hebrin and Cassandra were doing their best to keep away. Finally, it succumbed to the lightning bolts that Cassandra was calling down from the heavens. Next day Hebrin was able to skin it for its hide - and their should be enough to make him a decent suit of armour out of it as well.

However, they were in Fey country - and every night they stayed they became to subject of a number of small tricks - some of which were amusing and other were just plain irritating. However, after consideration they decided to leave the boat crew here, to carry out some Eel fishing while they went after the Roc’s egg. Getting up to the egg was fairly straightforward - Robert airwalked, Rudy had slippers of spider climb, and Cassandra dimension doored everyone else up to the nest. Where they found three unfertilised eggs - they selected the freshest and popped it into their portable hole, well Robert did using a couple of spells that made him massively large and strong. The it was back down as easily as they got up. They might have avoided the Roc for the time being – but they had started to realise it was going to be a hazard to travellers in their kingdom. Next day it was back to complete the Eel fishing and endure a whole series of new tricks from the Fey. And this time, it almost as if they had taken the time to plan the tricks in advance.

Then finally back to Horcroft to tie up the loose ends. The new chef from the Tavern made one of the biggest omelettes ever. He needed a special pan from the blacksmith and he cooked it outside over a series of open fires. There was enough for everyone in town to have a piece - and then there was some left over as well. All together an omelette worthy of a place in a ballad – a ballad that would, forever, mention the name of Horcroft and Newhaven as part of this monster meal! But then, any publicity is good publicity. Right?

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