Week 35 - In the Crypt 2

The body of the spell casting zombie had fallen into the steaming tar pit, so the group took some time to work it how to drag it to land. Eventually an Unseen Servant was summoned to drop a loop of rope over a hand that was sticking us and the body was towed slowly to the side. However, they realised that they would not be able to lift it out of the water like that - so a grappling hook was used to yank it physically onto a blanket.

It was only when they got it back to the central crypt that they really realised it was wizard from Varnhold, and that they had started to find the residents.

Then Rudy started to explore the hidden concealed door on the far side of the pit. His slippers of spider-climb meant he could walk easily around the walls and he found the door relatively easy to open. However he didn’t go much further than to see a small room behind with a flight of stairs leading up, before the party decided to go the other way.

There was discussion about using the slippers, but eventually they used a wand of Dimension door to get them across to the ledge in front of the main door, and then only a short while before they were through and travelling deeper into the Crypt. The corridor and stairs lead on for a way; until they came to a dead end with doors on both left and right.

They chose left, and discovered another human body from Varnhold. No one they recognised this time but as they approached, the corpse’s spirit rose as a spectre and launched into an attack. While the spectre shared its attacks around liberally amongst those within reach it was Hebrin who suffered the most – for he was the only one who had his life energy sucked from him. (OOC and it was a confirmed crit so he lost four levels in one blow).

Then it was on through the door on the other side of the corridor to find a large banqueting chamber - where they fought off the attentions of four dread zombie Cyclops. The bodies at the table were from Varnhold - they recognised Lord Varn and his Cleric, but there were another thirty or so there as well. All had the top of their skulls ripped off and their brains sucked out. They took Varn’s body with them, forced into a handy haversack.

Then onwards up an unguarded stair, through another corridor into a strange chamber that looked like an inverted eve – and radiated an overwhelming aura of Divination and summoning magic. They were very careful to skirt around the outside of the circle drawn onto the floor as they passed through.

The next chamber had a pool in the middle, feeding a small stream which ran under a pair of brass doors. They didn’t detect any magic so they started to move towards the door - when the Water Elemental rose up from the pool that had been its home for the last thousand years ….

Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, they ran. Although they were very careful to skirt around the circle inscribed on the floor of ’The Eye Room’.

Back to the Tar Pit and across to the concealed entrance, looking for somewhere safe. And surprisingly they found it, for the stair lead all the way to the outside - the back Door that Robert had seen when he was air-walking around the stack in the first place. Now they are resting, hoping for a quiet night, so they can restore some of their lost abilities in the morning.

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