Week 34 - In the Crypt 1

The party started through the secret door they had discovered to find a large pool full of murky water. They spotted a stair case leading under the water and a tunnel leading out through the far side. Rudy used his slippers of climbing to walk along the wall and check on the tunnel, but was surprised, on his way back, when a long serpentine neck reached out of the water and snapped at him. A short fight followed, although the large water monster hurt them, they managed to kill it quite easily in the end. Cassandra used a detect magic and she spotted something under the water – which Rudy managed to retrieve – A small silver bird statue and a platinum and ruby ring. The statue went into Cassandra’s back pack and Larran took the ring.

They decided to rest up over night in the pool chamber, and Rudy had this very disturbed feeling- so disturbed that he first woke Cassandra and then Ox for a bit of company during his watch. Then they explored the underwater staircase, and discovered a strange room fully of pottery, with another flight of stairs that lead down below the level of the lake again. They know it was a trap, they spotted the portcullis in the ceiling, but they went through anyway. However, it was not quite as they had expected. As they opened the far door, the portcullis dropped and they were trapped in the room, ceiling valves opened and started flooding the room, and a pair of Dread Zombies were released from the hidden crypts.

Quick thinking by Cassandra lead her to pass a potion of Bulls Strength to Ox and shepherd him towards the portcullis that was barring the exit they wanted, while Rudy and Hebrin started to climb on some statues to get out of the water. Then a giant eel dropped through the ceiling and onto the floor, snapping at the nearest person - which just happened to be Larran. Ox tried to lift the portcullis, but it wouldn't budge. Robert was fighting the zombies, Larran was tied up with the Eall, which tried to grapple him and would have succeed as well if it hadn't been for the ring. The ring they had found granted the wearer Free Action, which means that all grapples fail automatically, so the eel just sort of slipped off. By this time Rudy was playing encouraging music from on top of a statue, Robert was battling zombies and – Ox managed to lift the portcullis, with a bit of help from Larran. Everyone piled through the door as quickly as they could and left the eel to fight the zombies. Then up a long winding stair to discover a shrine to Charon the Boatman. There was lots of um-ing an ar-ing about a pair of magical altars and a magical bronze door - before they decided to take the other exit from the room instead.

That lead to a crypt where they discovered two more soul eaters and a series of associated rooms – and behind a secret door they found a room with a magical eye built into the wall. The pushed, poked and prodded but allto no avail. So they left that behind and pressed on through another door they had found. To discover a lake of bubbling tar – it was hot sticky and giving of noxious fumes - but across the other side there was a ledge and a door - guarded by another zombie. This one was different though. It looked ‘newer’ than the others and was human rather than Cyclops. And it was a wizard. Procrastinating about whether they should enter gave it enough time to prepare – and the well defended Dread Zombie Wizard took to the air, dodging behind the stalactites as it targeted them with spells. Fireballs, glitter dust, acid arrow and magic missiles all took their toll. As did the acrid stench of the chamber. Cassandra was sick, Hebrin and Rudy ran for it, while Larran, Robert and Ox continued the fight. Larran came off the worst, sick from the stench, blind from glitter dust and suffered acid burns he managed to stagger out so Cassandra could ‘rescue’ him. But a combination of Robert’s spells and Ox’s arrows finally won the day and the Zombie fell into the burning tar.

Withdrawing to regroup, both Robert and Ox realised that there was a second door on the far side of the pool as well ….

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