Week 32 - Short and scarey

When the party got back to Varnhold they discovered Lord Varn's adoptive daughter, Suka, in the grounds of the keep. After a brief discussion the party accepted that she was Varn's heir and gave her access to the small fort, they had been using as a base. She and her entourage moved into some of the rooms on the upper floor. During the evening discussion with her entourage served to confirm her claim - so the party returned the Sword with the Varn family crest and the pay chest they had found in the fort.

However, the party decided to continue sleeping in the Priory. Satisfied that the town was patrolled - the party set a minimal watch for themselves. Only to be woken by Cassandra's screams as a an evil black cloud with clawed arms, attacked her while she slept. Fortunately Robert, who was on guard, got there quickly and distracted the monster for Cassandra was quickly knocked unconscious as the cloud sucked the wisdom from her.

Most of the party got there to join in the battle that drove the thing away, although Rudy was fashionably late …

Investigations lead them to believe it is an Extra Planar monster - and that if it should manage to steal the soul of its victim, that person would be irrevocably dead!

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