Week 3 - Starting to explore

This session was fairly quiet – partly because I had a cold/sore throat – and partly because everyone was on the verge of going up a level.

The party discovered that the promised guards had arrived at Oleg’s and that a strange priest had turned up with dreams of an abandoned temple that was dedicated to Erastil – however there was a bear in the dream as well … Oleg was very pleased with the return of some of the furs he had lost previously to the bandits. The guards had bought a note from Restov about a problem with Kobolds – the party need to resolve the problem somehow.

They decided that visiting the bandit leader could wait for a bit, and decided to continue exploring and mapping the area around Oleg’s.

  • They met Bokken, the eccentric potion maker, who rewarded then for the return of some stolen booze – with a couple of potions of CLW.
  • They found a wooded clearing full of traps which they collected up,
  • They discovered the moon radish patch which was infested by Kobolds – who were eventually released in return for information about the mites that had stolen Svetlana’s ring from the bandits. Apparently the mites also stole a statue from the Kobolds …
  • A circle of animal bones lead them to a trapdoor spider – that was about the size of a pony. Inside its lair they found the remains of a bandit, his equipment and what looks like a treasure map …
  • At the end of the session they were all ready to go up to second level …

Game Time = 1 week
Total Game Time = 3 weeks

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