Week 29 - The Abandoned Village (pt2)

The group spent the night locked into the Tailor’s house, behind barred and barricaded doors. The took single watches seeing as they had two blinded party members and there was a bit of contention over whether to spread crockery across the ground floor … It was Larran who saw the face at the window – and Rudy who was confused, next morning, that little footprints seemed to turn into big footprints ….
Next morning, sight restored they went exploring.

First it was the Inn - The Water Horse – where ‘no men’ scratched on the door worried them, especially when they detected something magical ion the room behind. So the brave warriors sent the female sorceress in alone …. Inside they found a dead Giant Sprigging (although they didn’t know that at the time) encased in the field of a Sepia Snake Sigil Spell – but they dispelled that and searched the place. Of all the building they looked through it was least damaged. They found books belonging to the missing professor and some of his notes as well.

Then it was the temple to Erastil - in disarray and searched – although the party managed to find a whole set of ‘Emergency Scrolls’ that the Spriggans had missed. In the weavers cottage they found a hungry cat called Dragon who told them his people had ‘left at the red sun time when they heard the new bird song’. Rudy fed him ham and sausage and Dragon is keeping an eye on them now. Then later, in an old sod hut, they found a journal written in a language that none of them spoke, and a Magical haversack that seemed to be packed for an expedition into the country. Later they found the jeweller’s house, almost completely destroyed as the Spriggans searched for treasure. Then up to the small fort.

There was a pitched battle against some of the Giant Spriggans in the courtyard, while others rained crossbow bolts onto them. However, the courtyard battle was thankfully fast, and they managed to get into the shelter of the walls. Only to find things being dropped on them from above …

In the end Rudy, Hebrin and Robert went for the guards on the roof, while the others went for the main door. Both were slow. The roof started as a missile exchange, and they developed into a melee against these little blue gnomes who suddenly grew to giant size when it suited them. Meanwhile Larran and Ox had finally managed to break the door down, only to find themselves in a second defended corridor - with crossbows firing bolts at them through arrow slits. Cassandra put a stop to that with a fireball through one of the arrow slits! It blew the internal doors right off their hinges and severely weakened the door they were attacking – however it must have half stunned Larran and Ox - because neither of them were able to open the door. However, Cassandra managed it easily enough once they moved out of the way.

However, they managed to corner the boss on the upper level - Robert, Rudy and Hebrin blocked the upper escape route while Larran and Ox fought him to a standstill and beyond. They managed to find a spell form a spell book (that they decided tom take back for Charles) a map of Varnhold and its surrounding area (which they patched up with a mending spell) – Maegar Varn’s Longsword (His family crest is on the hilt) and a powerful long bow they believe is of centaur manufacture – along with a load of other interesting bits an pieces.

At the moment, they have withdrawn to The Parsonage, to research and review their finds.

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