Week 27 - Winter draws on

It was winter, it was cold and if there wasn’t a frost – there was snow. That meant travel was difficult and building in the countryside was impossible. So they stayed home, planning for the following year and tying up all the loose ends. However, there were things to do. First was to investigate the ring they found in the owl-bears lair – and Charles was just the man for that. An owl feather steeped in wine, a short incantation and he started work on the ring. Like Cassandra, he recognised that there was a an enchanting Aura and an Necromantic aura on the ring, but he was able to go a step further and recognise it as a charm, a charm that affected beasts rather than anything else. Beasts like the owl-bear. He tried again the following day after doing some research on necromantic spells, and managed to detect that the ring cast a curse as well. Not what he was expecting at all, and it wasn’t until the following day Charles could tell the group that the curse was a curse of rage and in two parts.

After some discussion the group decided the ring was probably used to charm the owl-bear, perhaps while the armour was fitted, and then drove it into a rage. There was a thought that the rage might have turned the owl-bear onto the man who wore the ring – and then drove it abroad. However, they decided to put it somewhere secure for the time being.

They also had a Hag’s Shabble in their loot chest – and they decided to destroy that. Robert (A cleric of Iomedae) Jhod (A cleric of Erastil) and the priests from Pharasma’s bone yard put an end to that. Then it was time to divvy up the loot. Each character got some of the items they had claimed, and there were presents and gifts for all of the NPCs who had been running the country for them. But the rest was sold, to fund Robert’s work in enchanting weapons and armour on their behalf.

While Robert was making things, Cassandra made a visit to their local Boggard and talked him into teaching her the language, while Rudy and Larran discovered the new bar in one of the slum areas.

Then there was a visit from Nug, saying the Lizard folk wanted to talk. It was short and sweet but they managed to negotiate an agreement with the Lizard folk, of trade deals and travel rights, which would eventually secure that difficult piece of territory for them. In the mean time, even though they couldn’t build, the work crews were out claiming land on behalf of Newhaven. First it was Elkwall, then Gurdinmouth and Gurdinford before the winter broke and the first caravan of spring arrived.

With it came Rudy’s old headmaster Swordlord Arlan Bemarn and his protégé Legnus Glynn. Legnus is a member of a merchant family in Restov and is interested in setting up his own sword school. And there was another traveller, Jemanda Orlashen from Tador, who was searching for a professor from the Kitharodian Academy who was over due. So with all these important people Charles threw a party, just in time for a messenger from Fort Drelev to arrive carrying a note from Tamary. Then Rudy spent most of the time making sure that the messenger didn’t meet up with Lily, not see him getting too close to Jemanda.

But a few days later everyone had left. The messenger back to Fort Drelev, Swordlord Beran back to Restov taking Jemanda with him. The only one left was Legnus Glynn who had negotiated a suitable arrangement for his Sword School.
After that it was planning their expansion for the next few months

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