Week 23: More Trolls

The party pressed on first into a chamber that appeared to be a barracks, and the two troll there managed to trap them by the door – perhaps putting the light spell on the Halfling Scout’s helmet wasn't the cleverest of ideas. Still they won that battle and spent a couple or rounds ensuring they were dead, before they pushed on further into the lair.

The next cavern contained the larder, headless bodies of various animals and humanoids, stinking and infested with vermin and the biggest troll they had ever seen. Its skin was dark and leathery and studded with crystals - a Rock Troll. This time they managed to get the drop on the troll and it finished up as a fairly straightforward contest. However, when they came to burn the body they reslised that it was regenerating the fire damage. With no acid to destroy it with they wracked their brains for a solution, before Rudy remembered that rock trolls turned to stone in sunlight. But even that was a struggle – after cutting limbs off and carrying them separately, it was still a struggle to drag the carcass.

And then it was back to face the boss, Hargulka. They disturbed him sitting on his throne planning how to take over the region, and although Larran went into melee the rest held back in a small group – which have Hargulka the chance to throw a sphere from his necklace. The fireball managed to catch them all, weakening them badly and the fight was going against them. Larran was unconscious and was barely revived before Robert was cut down and was on the point of death, and Hargulka was laughing and crashing about with his giant morning star.

Then, out of the shadows, Ox and his guide, Nug, suddenly joined in with specially prepared arrows that burst into flame as they struck home. Severely wounded now, Hargulka charged at these new opponents and drove Nug from the field, although Ox held his ground and fought back. But the tide was turned and the Troll King was defeated.

Back at the Forgotten Keep Ox produced the letter from the Old Belle Dame that had sent him chasing after the group. The letter contained information and advice about the tower on Candlemere Island - but they decided to leave that for now because there was a dragon here - or so the reports said. However, it all finished up as a bit of an anti-climax. There was no dragon just an old forest drake that had ruled this bit of the Narlmarches for ages.

Then back to the Keep, ready to plan for the future.

Suddenly Neth (November) was over – and soon it would be winter proper.

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