Week 20 - A bad week at the office

Setting off fort home they travelled back on the gnome ferry, admiring a new system for winding cables and another for shooting extra powerful crossbow bolts. The on to Gurdinford where they discovered Tig had started a menagerie - his favourite animals of the moment is a baby centipede and a weasel he wants to put down his trousers! Not sure they approve of his new interests the party headed back to town, just in time to help Charles interview for a new state executioner to take over from Captain Mikmek. The Gnome with an interest in causing ‘accidents’ to his targets was dismissed quite quickly although there was a longer debate as that chose between a half-Orc and a dwarf called Dabor. In the end they went for the Dwarf bard (one of the few surviving members of the Golka Clan) because he could put on a good show. The half-Orc took a job as a sergeant in the town guard instead.

Then down to The Lizards Head for a beer, where they discovered Grigory speaking against them again. However, Rudy went and challenged him again, and with the help of Dabor (who was being supportive in the background) managed to refute all of Grigory’s arguments again. When the foreign bard slunk away Rudy, Dabor and Dick the Boatman played some rousing Dwarven ooompa music for the patrons.

Then it was off exploring again, up the Murque River in the boat. At the end of the river they discovered an ancient keep, that they think is of really ancient elven origin – and they started to explore. However, it wasn’t to be a good place for them.

First Hebrin missed the trap on the gate and was nearly squashed by the portcullis, then they fought a Quickling to a standstill - helped only by the fact that Cassandra had learned the Glitter Dust spell. Then it was a Grim Stalker assisted by an assassin Vine. Both times Rudy was poisoned and the needed to be rescued at the end of the fight. Then in the central tower, they succumbed to a baobhan sith, who was literally sucking the life out of them. If it had not been for the intervention of Helga and the boat crew, it could have been nasty indeed!

So the party have paid out nearly 2000gp in bonuses to the boat crew as well as promised them new armour, training and weapons – not to mention a long term job. However, discretion is required ….

After a few days resting, they are heading back to Horcroft to see what Grigory has been up to this time.

And so to the end of another Month (Lamashan – October)

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