Week 2 - Chasing Bandits

They spent another night at the trade post, getting to know Oleg and Svetlana better and finding out more about the region. They discovered that along with other things the bandits had stolen Svetlana’s wedding ring.

Mounted on their new horses, the party set off south to find the bandit camp. They knew it was south, just in the forest and run by a woman called Kressle. With Hebril leading the way, generally following the directions and tacking the bandits original route – they eventually came to the bandits campsite. They tried the ‘I am just a lost little woman’ trick to try and get into the bandits camp – but the guard in a tree platform saw through that and called for re-enforcements – at which point Cassandra started to run …..

A set battle followed – both Rudy and Ox fell to the leader Kressle, although Robert managed to revive both of them. In the end Kressle escaped owith a couple of horse, although she was last seen slumped forward on the neck of her horse, both of them aflame with the after effects of being hit by a bottle of Alchemists Fire. One bandit is captured alive, and it is probably that another one crawled off into the underbush, injured.

Still they managed to liberate more horses, a lot of gear and some stolen goods from the bandits – including crates of furs that probably belong to Oleg and a case of spirits they are told is made by Bokken.

The captured bandit ‘spills the beans’ and tells the group about the bandit chief, The Stag Lord, who has a small fort close to a lake in the south of the green belt. They are told he is a monster of a man, with a helmet that looks like a stag, a dead shot and very strong – and a drunken bully. After he repents of his acts and helps them with knowledge, he is released in only the clothes he stands up in.

The party decide to take the long route back and to do a bit of mapping on the way. They map some of the borders of the Gnarl March (the forest) find The Thorn River, as well as a ford and bridge where they can cross – and on the way home discover a cave in the hills – one of its interior walls glints strangely when light is shone on it.

Finally, on their way back to Oleg’s, they meet Tumpy – who is a half-elf trapper who makes a living from Thylacyne pelts.

Game Time = 1 week
Total Game Time = 2 weeks

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