Week 17 - Werewolf!

The new Ale House opened up in town called The Lizard’s Head and started doing a roaring trade, and the party moved into one of the houses that they have had built leaving the fort to fill its role of barracks, watchtower and town hall rolled into one. Following tradition, the landlady (Lilia) put up a notice board - and the party found job offers for people to go searching for Shamble-compost and Trolls blood as well as rewards for various other tasks and warnings. There were even a couple of rewards posted on their by their own government to go searching for a worg and a dragon!

However, they were distracted before they could start on that as one of the barmaids, Sari, was killed horrifically in the night. Worse still, it was the barmaid that Rudy had been trying to chat up the previoius night before he fell down drunk. Eventually they found her body by a clump of berry bushes - where she had been killed an mutilated. Hebrin found signs that indicated some sort of large wolf, and everyone assumed it was the worg come to town. That afternoon they dedicated one of the building slots as a grave yard and Robert of Iomedae oversaw a burial service for the lass. It was a bit more militaristic than people were used to, but it seemed to go down well enough. Then back to The Lizard for a wake, as supplied by the landlady. While the others went home early, Rudy stayed out with a Barbarian he had been drinking with the previous evening, and then made sure the guy got home when he was rolling drunk. To calm fears extra patrols were ordered and a pair of guards were on patrol in town all night.

However, it was a shepherd boy who was taken that night. From a farm called Jimshold just outside town. There were a few dead sheep as well, but this time Hebrin managed to spot a few more tracks and they realised that the wolf tracks seemed to turn into bare-foot human tracks. And there was a full moon. Werewolf! But there was another funeral to attend to as the shepherd was buried. But after that it was off to do research on Lycanthropy.

Another night with warnings to stay indoors and extra patrols, this time with the party staying on high alert. And it paid off, as they were able to react in time to the screams they heard just before first light. A merchant on the way down to the lake side had attracted the attention of the werewolf and was under attack. Signal whistles from the guard patrol alerted the town and then they started to fire arrows at it. The fracas was about 200 yards away from the party’s chosen guard post, so it took them a while to close for the battle – but eventually they defeated the monstrosity. The merchant was severely injured and responded to healing from Robert - who promptly cast Cure Disease on him as well. In the end it was just the werewolf, who turned out to be Rudy’s drinking companion, who ended up in the graveyard along side his victims. However, the merchant is in semi-quarantine for a month.

Then the party were off on their travels, initially to see Bokken to see if the locket they took from the Mad Hermit meant anything to him. Finding his hut empty and completely cleared out, they remembered that Oleg had been encouraging the man to move close to Leveton, so they headed over that way. Turns out the hermit was Bokken’s estranged brother and the pair of them hated each other.

A night up there, seeing the progress on the new stables, the houses and the smithy - and eating Svetlana’s honey cakes made a pleasant change and diversion. Then it was off again – this time to see Jhod at his woodland shrine. They heard confirmation of some of the message and rumours – and heard a new rumour about an abandoned keep deep in the forest that every one gravelled past carefully.

Then it was off again to the Kobolds – the see what Chief Sootscale knew about Worgs – and to check up on a rumour that he was building an ale house close to his mine. Sure enough, there was a building going up there, and it was large enough to be an ale house – and there were kobolds of various different colours working on it – all of whom claimed to be part of the Sootscale tribe! But they had a bigger surprise when they looked inside - Chief Sootscale was there in negotiations with a huge Troll who claimed to be setting up a humanoid kingdom in the south. His main negotiating point was that he wouldn't eat the Kobold’s if they co-operated. However, Sootscale seized the opportunity to negotiate a deal with Newhaven. The party agreed to fund completion of the ale house and quay, while Sootscale agreed to become part of their kingdom and they even negotiated and signed contracts. However, the party wisely left negotiation to Charles, their magister, because it turned out that the negotiating Kobold was actually a Cleric of Asmodeus, Arch Devil and Lord of Contracts! In the end the Council decided to take Hebrin’s suggestion from earlier and turn the area into a Kobold Reserve under Sootscale’s Rule – and they have instructed Charles to recruit marshals, put up the signs and patrol the borders.

Back in Horcroft, the new Grave Yard is coming along nicely and a new block of housing is under construction.

That is another two weeks gone!

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