Week 16 – The Mad Hermit

Since Tig has been found and returned to his parents the party felt they could relax a bit. There was a chance to review their exploration to date – seeing what had been missed out and what they had discovered. It was also a chance to review the skills and experience they had gathered during the last few weeks. Time seemed to be going so fast ….

After careful contemplation Robert decided that he should research the methods required in the manufacture of magical arms and armour - while Cassandra examined the wands she had acquired and worked out how she could put a spell in a stick by herself.

Robert was particularly interested in the sword that had been taken from the ancient barrow, although there was a long crack in the blade that needed repair and his skills were not up to that yet.. Cassandra tried magic, but her spells were not powerful enough either. So they sent Rudy, Larran and Hebrin into Restov to secure the services of a more powerful mage. It was an interesting few days as they waited, Rudy found a bar to perform at, Hebrin found a card game and won a few coins, and Larran discovered that his scars didn’t make him look manly and handsome - and try as he might he didn’t manage to find any female company. Still the Sword was repaired and Rudy’s new cloak was ready (it heavy embroidery really does make him stand out) and they were ready to return. But not before Larran and Rudy had faced each other off in the duelling arena. Rudy lost again although his injuries were only minor and there were no young women watching this time.

Robert and Cassandra put their time on Horcroft to good use. Robert managed to enchant weapons for Larran, Hebrin and Ox - while Cassandra made her first wand.

Then when every one was back and everything was running smoothly they decided to travel around to explore the gap in their map, which they had been told was home to an eccentric hermit. But they went the long way around, checking up on the Gnomes and the Nixie before making camp and then meeting up with two new settlers Loy Rezbin and Laticia who were planning to build a village and bridge at the site of the old Tatzlewyrm den. Then on to the Dryad to make sure all was well in the world of evil trees. But there was someone else there, someone she chose not to talk about. Or so it seemed.

Then on to explore that gap in the map, but they were ambushed - the Old hermit was really mad and the voices in his head were getting worse. Killing would quieten them, although they would come back again – and there would be a new one added in ….

The ambush almost killed Hebrin, the initial surprise attack and then the fast reactions of the Hermit and his big cat, meant the got two sets of attacks in before the party could react. It was only Channelled Energy from Robert that saved his life. But after that the battle was straight forward, they killed the cat and then the hermit, cutting him down with magic as he tried to flee.

While Robert and Larran buried the bodies, Hebrin tracked the hermit to his home – which turned out to be a hollow oak tree. From the locket they found there, it appears he might be Bokken’s brother. Which gives them a bit of a conundrum. Do they return the locket to Bokken and what about the other things they found there? What about that small chest that turns into a boat? After all, they had worked so hard to figure out hoe the command words worked.

That is another month, Arodus (August), gone

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