Week 14 - Looking for Tig

Cassandra convalesced in Fort Stag as the others organised their new realm, and even with the aid of special scrolls sent down from Restov and appropriate care by Robert it took a good couple of weeks for her to feel fully rested and ready to face the world again. Eventually though she was ready and the group set off to explore east of Horcroft, although they had to head north to the ford and then back down again to cross the Shrike River. Only to find the Gurdin River blocking their path. It was fifteen miles or so before they found a ford and the small settlement that had grown up alongside it – called Gurdingford! There they met Arven the Fisher, Besh the hunter and the Tanners, who had lost their young son Tig – and after staying the night they set off to search for Tig.

First they headed up to the Fishing pool that Arven had told them of, and cleared it of a monster snapping turtle called Old Crackjaw - there was no sign of Tig but Arven gave them a gift of a ring he had found in a Pike’s stomach years before in exchange for the turtle meat. The shell was transported back to Horcroft to get turned into a bath and matching tabletop.

They checked back at Gurdinford, but there was still no sign of Tig, so they went to investigate the Wicked Witch who lived on the West bank of the lake and was reputed to steal and eat children. They were starting to get frustrated at all the riding balk and forth on horseback, and took a a fishing boat along the coast and back, The witches cottage was easy to spot, on a small hill in the middle of some sticky swamp land. However, they landed and wisely chose to ring the bell they found by her garden gate and wait for her to respond - rather than barging straight in. There were some confusions and misunderstandings, and she declared Rudy was at least one sandwich short of a picnic, before they finally came to some sort of common understanding when Rudy offered to provide lunch from their trail rations. They learned of a mad hermit and a tribe of Lizardmen as well as Candlemere lake and it ‘Guardian Lights’ (which Hebrin thinks might be will o wisps. They also learned of a mud bowl where black cap mushrooms grow, but were warned to be careful of the guardian.

But still no Tig. After checking he hadn’t returned, they set off to search to the North east of Gurdinford – and discovered a crack in the side of a hill, that lead (eventually) into an ancient burial chamber, although they had to make their way past the massive swarm of bats in the guano covered entrance hall first. Then Robert saw a skeleton laying in the middle of a junction and went to investigate - and set off the guardian trap that had killed the earlier grave robber. Enfeebled by the magical trap, half a dozen skeletons, summoned from side passages, came forward to attack Robert. Fortunately his friends stepped in to save the day, Cassandra dealt with one group using a burning hands spell, while the others were destroyed in physical combat.

Finally they found the main burial chamber and disturbed the Wight that lay there, armed with a broken magical longsword. Their weapons were doing hardly any damage to the undead monster, but fortunately they were strong enough to withstand its energy draining attacks in return. Again Cassandra came to the rescue with a flaming sphere that did significant damage to the terror while the others kept the monster hemmed in. Eventually they vanquished it and took its magical sword in recompense.

Robert decided it was appropriate to reseal the tomb properly, but Hebrin was concerned about the bats. Eventually they agreed to mainly seal the tomb during the day and wait until the bats had left before finishing the job. Fortunately, it is summer time so the bats will (probably) survive long enough to find a new home.

But still no sign of Tig and these searches have been taking ages because they seem to have been zigzagging across the area from one side to another.

However, back home, Ox and his men have built the road up to the ford and beyond towards Leveton while Keston has overseen the building of the first house and a Smithy in Horcroft.

And that is Erastus (July) gone – and still Tig is missing.

Treasure from this weeks exploration.

Elemental Gem (Water) (Cracktooth)
Ring of Featherfall (Arven)
Ring of Sustenance (Tomb robber’s skeleton)
Broken Longsword, Fey Bane, +1 (Crypt Wight)
- - - (Note: needs Mending or Make Whole spells from a L8 caster to fix)

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