Week 13 - Life and Death

Back at the Fort the group planned the development of their nation, discussed roles and negotiated positions eventually creating a national council to oversee their new nation.

Rudy was to the Lord Governor on a temporary basis while a formal system of rulership was worked out, Cassandra was to become Grand Diplomat, while Robert was to take on the treasurers role, Ox became the General overseeing and Hebrin took on the Military Intelligence role (Spy Master). Jhod was asked to take the role of high Priest, Svetlana became a Councillor and Charles took over as the magister. Kisten Garess was appointed as the Marshal with a new man, Larran, became the warden. Even Mikmek was appointed as official executioner, although he had to promise not to execute anyone without permission from the council. Mikmek decided on Death by drowninmg – and sent a special stone off to be shaped and a hole put in it (for the rope) so it would become the ‘Official Drowning Stone’

Leaving Charles with the task of developing a system of ruling that gave a high council of the five charter bearers the final say on most things – and leaving Ox and Kirsten in charge of developments – the rest of the group headed out into the wilds.

First they met a group of Gnomic Explorers who are searching for a lost Dwarven outpost. One of their wagons has become stuck in t the river, but try as they might the party could not rescue it, even though they did manage to save two ponies attached to it, a stranded gnome and a couple of tents. They discovered the gnomes had been attacked by Kobolds and were relieved to find that they were the normal green kobolds – not their ‘friends’ the sootscales. They tried to follow the Kobolds, but ran into a minor ambush and then lost the tracks. They spent a rather quiet night with the fairly grumpy gnomes.

Next day they discovered a group of loggers taking down some coachwood tress from around a Nixie’s pool. When they arrived it was at a standoff and they needed to negotiate a peaceful solution. Eventually they got the loggers to move to another grove of coachwood and promised to find five new trees for the Nixie. The Nixie, Melianse, pointed them towards a Druidic Dryad, called Tiressia, who might be able to help.

Tiressia had troubles of her own in the form of a Scythe tree that was making life in the Narlmarches unbearable. However, she promised to gift them five magical trees if they could destroy the Scythe Tree. The party found the tree easily enough, sitting dormant in a fetid clearing strewn with bones and sent an Invisible Servant to lay a fire against its trunk. It played quiet for a while, hoping the party would close into range, but eventually showed it’st true colours just before the fire was lit. The party had convinced themselves the tree was static, and were surprised as it suddenly charged across the clearing and attacked Cassandra. Either it got lucky or the surprised Cassandra just stood there - because the Scythe Tree downed the sorcerer in a single attack.

Shocked, the party fought back only to find it was protected from slashing weapons. Hebrin, sensibly, used a flask of achemists oil on the tree, which fired of the oil poured on it - which did considerable damage to the tree. The others rushed in and eventually destroyed the evil thing.

However, Cassandra was dead and it was a solemn procession that returned to the Dryad and Nixie groves to complete the tasks carrying the sorceress’s body along with them. Later still a long, slow procession set off for Restov, where they talked the High Priest into raising her from the dead – although the price was high.

Slowly, and a bit glumly, they finally made their way back to the fort - wiser and poorer for their adventures. However, both the Nixie and the Dryad have promised to let them know of any attackers or danger within their part of the Narlmarch – so their fledgling kingdom gains another pair of allies.

Another month of game time – and that is the whole of Sarenith (June) gone. However the area around the fort is cleared ready for building, a road points towards Leveton and their New Haven started .

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