Week 12 - A new challenge

Back at Fort Stag - Robert, Ox and their new guard commander, Keston, started putting things in order. They set about clearing the courtyards of fallen rock, and started building a thatched roof over the open areas. It would never be more that a temporary solution, but the Fort will be drier and much more comfortable.

They also had to deal with the Kobolds, captain Mikmek and his men didn’t mind doing the night shifts, but they could be quite annoying when they weren’t guarding, sleeping or swimming! However, they managed to find a secret tunnel that lead out under the wall of the fort. It was only short, and shored up by mine-like timbers – but a potential hazard all the same. One of the workers was dispatched to make sure the outer trap door was securely barred – and then the Kobolds took the place over as their home, dragging in all sorts of bits and pieces they had found to make a secure nest. In reward Robert said they could have all the copper pieces in the cellars!

Back in Restov Rudy, Cassandra and Hebrin completed their shopping and then decked out like brand new courtiers went to the summer ball at the Swordlords hall. They met all sorts of people although the most significant was probably Jamandi Aldori, the most senior of the Aldori Swordlords and one of the few who can trace her ancestry back to the original Sword Baron. Rudy was the most social, with the other two staying in the background. His old headmaster from the Sword School he went to came up and slapped him on the back and congratulated him on his progress since leaving school, but Rudy’s eye had been caught by a southern looking woman who he was told was called Azzi the Dervish. Things didn’t do the way things Rudy had planned, and rather than taking the woman for a quiet walk, he finished up challenging her to a duel the following day.

The party also met Swordlord Varn who was responsible for the Nomen expedition and Lord Drelev who was responsible for the expedition to the slough. However, there was no word from the fourth group, The Iron Wraiths, who had been sent to Glenbon. This time Rudy managed to attract the interest of Tamary, the daughter of Drelev’s Knight-Captain Terrion Numesti. Numesti and his family came to the duel next day, and saw Rudy mercilessly cut down by Azzi the Dervish, bet he did manage to land a couple of blows. Fortunately there was a cleric at hand to help him pull round again – a couple of rounds untreated and Rudy might well have been just a name in the annals of this adventure!

Next day, after a bit more healing for Rudy, the party set back off to the fort, accompanied by Charles and leading a small caravan of settlers –and there was even a promise of another caravan to follow lead by an elf called Larran.

On the way they stop at Oleg’s where the Leveton’s tell the group that they will join in and help – just so long as they have a say in what is going on.

Back at the Fort, Charles finally reveals that he has documents promoting both Robert and Ox to Swordlords of Restov, although there are no fancy daggers and it doesn’t really mean all that much right out here.

Still, the group sat down to plan their new veture. They decide that New Haven would be a good name for their holdings and that the would start by building a settlement called Horcroft by Fort Stag and then drive a road north to Oleg’s trading post.

Game Time = 1 weeks
Total Game Time = 12 weeks
Note these times are estimates :P

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