Week 11 - Victory & Reward

The raid on the Fort had started in the middle of the night and they had been fighting by a strange mixture of light from torches a bit of moon light and the light from spells – so they decided to wait until the morning before making a full exploration of the fort. So they tidied up, set a light guard and got a bit of sleep while they waited. However, they put some heavy rubble on top of the trapdoor to stop anything coming out of it until they were ready.

The next morning they were able to do a better appraisal and think more clearly. Robert, Hebrin and Cassandra stayed at the Fort and continued to tidy up, while Rudy and Ox rode over to the Kobolds. For a fixed fee of 1 GP a gay as well as a gift of some spears that could be cut down to size, they hired Mikmek and four other Kobolds to act as temporary guard. That seemed to work out OK and the next night the party got a fairly decent night’s sleep before dealing with the old man in the cellar.

He turned out to be a sad old druid who used summoning spells and his shape change abilities – along with a meld into Stone and a Spider Climb spell to make life difficult for the party. But they didn’t really have any difficulty in defeating him.

When they had catalogued all of the things they found in the cellars they discovered that they were quite rich – well they would be if they could transport all the gear and stuff they had found here somewhere they could sell it. But they had a bit of a quandary. Fort Stag is a great place for a base, if they left it unattended something was sure to move in and try and take over – so they decided, to keep the place as a base for further explorations. Rudy, Cassandra and Hebrin set off to collect their rewards while Robert and Ox stayed behind to look after the fort.

A couple more minor payments five happy Kobolds hired on for the next month, and dumping the Stag lord’s body into the river settled the ghost at Nettle’s Crossing, and they acquired his magical ranseur as a reward. Falgim Sneed was delivered to Oleg’s and they were told they would need to take Sneed into Restov to get their reward. They weren’t too happy about that, but ththey guessed they would probably have to go into Restov to claim the reward on the Stag Lord anyway. Rudy spent the night telling tales of their adventures and trying to recruit people to send down to the Fort as extra help. Keston Garess agreed to head down there with one of his men, and a couple of other s went with them to help sort the fort out.

Rudy, Cassandra and Hebrin travelled onto Restov, where they finally managed to hand Sneeg over and collect their reward for defeating the Stag Lord. How ever, to do so they had to appear at a hearing before the Lord Mayor o and many of the most senior people in Restov, as they told their tale a priest sat in the corner monitoring it for accuracy, although Rudy exaggerated a couple of times, Cassandra always manage to fetch the story back on track. Their reward was instantaneous and impressive – the three were immediately appointed as Swordlords of Restov (at one of the most junior levels, but it gives they a little bit of status in the city), were presented with masterwork Silvered daggers (as a sign of their new status) and given a 5000gp reward.

And they were offered another charter – to build a new settlement, in the Stolen Lands, which they would rule as their own. The terms of the charter were not original clear and they procrastinated for a while before accepting it – at which point they were required to present themselves at a Ball in the Swordlords hall in two weeks time, to commemorate the event.

Back at their Inn they were able to read the charter properly for the first time and discovered that they were to be given all sorts of support and advice in building their new settlement – including the channelling of settlers, pioneers and others into the area. They also discovered that they had been assigned a secretary or personal assistant called Charles who would act as both a guide and advisor while they were in the city.

Game Time = 1 weeks
Total Game Time = 9 weeks

Waiting in Restov – Buying gear, getting things enchanted, etc etc …

The Characters all gain enough Experience to go to Level 4

Game Time = 2 weeks
Total Game Time = 11 weeks

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