And they all lived happily ever after ...

In The West:

Lord Numesti continues to rule the western regions from Port Slough with Lady Parevain Khavortorov as his Warden/Marshal. He has declared his daughter Kisandra as his heir, although she continues to represents the Six Heroes trade house on the Pitax council. Road trade with Pitax flourishes and Southmarch has become a small town, that acts as a border control point and an important stopping place for trade caravans and passenger coaches. In the far west, the development of Whiterose has been left to Galine and her long term partner Tig of Gurdin. Between them they have managed to restore many of the vineyards that used to thrive in the grounds and have started up a winery selling newly bottled White Rose wine. It is rumoured that Tig and Galine will marry soon. While neither is of royal blood, their connections mean this could be the next Society Wedding of the year. The northern border is established at Minehead – a small town on the site of a silvermine that is overseen by the dwarf Dabur Golka.

In the East:

Hebrin has settled into life at Silverstep and married his adventuring companion Rosie. They now have thee bonny children a Rowan (boy), Holly (girl), Linden (boy) all named after trees. Cassandra still retains her title of Lady of the Tors, and uses her tower at Torwatch as a secondary observatory under the control of her long term assistant Alex Wyseman. Suka Varn has established a good working relationship with both the Nomen Centaurs and the people of Restov - as such the Eastern trade route prospers, although little has changed its essentially rural nature

In the Green Belt:

Horcroft develop as a trade hub on the route between Rostland and the south, and starts to gain a good reputation as its academy continues to flourish. It soon grows into a large city and starts to rival Port Ice and Restov in size, however, it is still far short of New Stetven. Charles rinNovak is appointed mayor of Horcroft and Peter Gasgano as Chancellor of the academy and they run the city between them. Rudy splits his time between a sporadic ‘Royal Progress’ around New Haven and visiting all the towns and villages; touring with his theatre company and spending time at home with Tamary and the children. Tamary has five children Marian (girl), Elberta (girl), Paul (boy), Charles (boy) and Sandra (girl) and spends her time either in Horcroft or Port Slough visiting her father.

To the north Oleg and Svetlana settle in, and although Oleg is starting to age and Svetlana has taken of much of the management of Leveton. However, she maintains the same policies as Oleg had, and strives to keep the town small and the area rural. They have two children Taras (boy) and Anya (girl).

Ox marries Melinda (daughter of Atem the master smith of Horcroft) and is raising a family. They have two children a girl called Cassie and a boy called Rudolph). While he retains the title of Lord of Candlemere, Ox is not interested in politics and tends to avoid meetings when he can. However, he is still general of The New haven army and takes an active interest in military matters.

In the far south, the new town of Zoraz grows under the authority of Cassandra’s new in-laws. Based around a solid stone keep, the new town becomes a known for the quality of its mercenary troops and its military training ability. However, development seems to stagnate at the ‘small town’ stage - perhaps because the family interests are now split between Mivon, Zoraz and Skywatch.

In the Narlemarch:

Larran has developed the village outside Whitecastle and built himself a traditionally styled elven manor house just beyond the village. Whitecastle now boasts a masterwork quality carpenter, a masterwork quality bowyer and a well respected herbalist. However Tatzleford, under Loy Rezbin, continues to be the main economic centre for the district.
Among his various affairs and liaisons, one girl (a half-elf called Darnoa) bore Larran a son called Lucan. He didn’t marry her, but found Darnoa a decent position at the Six Heroes trade house in Pitax, where she is able to work and bring up Lucan comfortably.

In Wyvernstone:

Robert has spent his time improving the town’s defences by converting wooden palisades to stone walls and building in the bastion on the far side of the river. He has also recruited a small military force of his own, the Iomedian Guard, to help secure the town. As Treasurer of New Haven, Robert knows that trade is the cornerstone of their success, and the river that runs through the Slough and down to Mivon is one of their key trade routes – disruption to that could destabilise the whole of New Haven.

Between time Robert crusades at the War Wound and visits Cassandra in Skywatch to help re-establish a thriving city state from the ruins of Choral the Dracolich’s old lair.

In Skywatch:

The once deserted city has come to life again, perhaps not quite in the way that was expected, but it is now buzzing with life and energy and may well develop differently in the future. After rejecting (gently) a number of suitors, Cassandra married Tiberius Zeydor-Aldori of Mivon and Zoraz and had two daughters called Flavia and Tatiana. She installed the large telescope from Nyrissa’a home into the observatory atop the central tower of Skywatch and built laboratories for research and item creation along with her apprentice Jenny of Varnhold. Soon an Alchemist came, and a wizard came to run her library. Her husband, Tiberious, established the garrison and a sword school specialising in the training of magi became established. Now the town is recognised for its astronomical research and the magi it produces – but is not yet recognised as a major producer of magical equipment. However, there is a huge range of potions, scrolls and even wands available for sale in the town.

In New Stetven

Now that the Ruby Fortress is home to the Greater Brevoy Council and the city is run by its own lord mayor, New Stetven moves on apace. It doesn’t take long for the metropolis to return to its role as the trade hub for all of Greater Brevoy. It sits in the middle between Issia, Rostland and New Haven and makes the most of its ability to trade with all three. If you want something, someone in New Stetven will probably have it - and if not they will know where to get it.

In Issia:

Issia has stayed much as it always was. The Surtovas are the biggest family by far, although all the other families keep a weather eye on them. However, there is still tension and skirmishes between all of the families – well all except the Garess and the Golka who are busy rebuilding their mountain homes. But then Issia has always been a home to squabbling warlords of one sort or another. It is only the Lebeda, with their Taldan outlook and their control of the Issian trade routes, who tries to stand above things. If anyone can grow to a size to challenge the Surtova, it will be the Lebeda.

In Rostland:

It is a new order all around. Restov maintains its neutrality but it now has ther Powerful Baroness Aldori on its doorstep as well as new allies in the Brunderton, the South Gronzi Forest and along the Stetven River. The Aldori are retaining the central plains area and agricultural / rural with few large settlements - as are the ex-freedom fighters from South Gronzi. So far everything is holding together well …

In Pitax:

The newly established council of Pitax brought some level of stability to the town which, along with the newly established trade route north through Port Slough helped to restore it economically. The Academy, under the headmistress Atalia Gitaren, has gone from strength to strength and now produces a range of entertainers and bards of a reasonable calibre. The old trade houses still predominate, and there are still groups of freebooting river pirates prepared to enforce the laws of the River - and checking to make sure that people can hold what they have.

Mivon, Jovvox and the Nomen:

Mivon, Jovvox and the Nomen centaurs have continued much like they always have.

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