Week 1 - Starting out

The Kingmaker Campaign.

The Lord Mayor of Restov had been looking for people to help map and explore the wildlands to the south known as The Stolen lands. He sent a Sword Lord acalled Maeger Varn into the Nomen Heights to establish relations with the centaurs there, an experienced company known as the Iron Wraiths were sent to the Glenbourne Uplands to purge it of barbarians, while a group of experienced soldiers and diplomats, under Hannis Drelev, were sent to keep the trade routes through Hooktongue Slough open.

Another, less experienced, group were sent into The Greenbelt to map it and purge it of bandits.

Robert – a Cleric of Iomedae who grew up close to Restov
Cassandra – a Sorceress from Western Brevoy
Hebrin – a Halfling Ranger from the Rostland Borders
Rudy – a minor aristocrat from North Eastern Brevoy
Ox – a local Restov lad trying to make good

Once they received their charter to explore the group set off for their designated starting point – Oleg’s Trading Post. It took them quite a while to get there, and the party started to think that they should have bought horses, but eventually they made it there – only to find that the Trading post had been subject to bandit raids and another one was expected the very next day.

The party planned an ambush, and when the bandits arrived next morning to claim their ‘taxes’ from the trading post – the party tackled them head on. It was close – at one point the sorceress fell unconscious, but the other quickly dispatched most of the bandits – and the last one surrendered.

From him they discovered the general location and strength of the bandit camp, and resolved to visit them and clear them out for good. They took most the bandits horses, as their reward, and then split the rest of bandits goods with the Leveton’s (the proprietors of the Trading Post) as way of recompense.

In return the Leveton’s said they could stay at the trading post as long as they liked – with meals thrown in for free!

So a good start to their adventures – Horses, a share of loot from the bandits and a base to work from.

Game time = 1 week

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