Berryfield was once a small fortified compound with a manor house, but it was overrun and destroyed during the early part of the war with Pitax. However, it lies on the road about about half way between Port Slough and Wyvernstone and makes an excellent stopping off point for travellers. The damaged walls have been repaired with palisades and the remains of the manor has been converted into huts.

A) The barracks has been repaired and is home to a few soldiers, under the command of Squire Vort Cussel, one of Lord Numesti's trusted men.

B) The old manor has been converted into huts by a few peasants who make a living from the cloudberry fields -

C) Plenty of space for caravans to park up securely for a night or two.

Totals Stability +1 Economy — Loyalty — Defense Mod 2 Notes
Barracks +1 +2
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